You can now spend 280 characters in your long stretch of tweets!

You can now spend 280 characters in your long stretch of tweets!

For those who want to tell the story of the elongated pavement and cast it out, each character is counted one by one and the gospel is for those who are tired of narrowing their cues! With twitter’s official update today, our Tweets may be twice as long. In the early hours of the day, Twitter’s official update to the website and mobile apps was officially updated to the Tweet character limit. After that Twitter users (if they will) will be able to assign Tweets of 280 characters in length.

The first updates on the length of the tweets were made in September. At first, Twitter wanted to measure this change, and regionally, and only a limited number of users offered a 280-character Tweets feature.

People Love Long Tweets!

According to Twitter’s analysis report on 280-character tweets, people living in the test area where 140 characters have been updated to 280 have started to throw more Tweet. Naturally, putting all of your thoughts in a short clan often puts pressure on the person. This seems to cause the print users to throw less Tweet. With the update made today, the # 280 character Hashtag succeeded to be TT.

If you are not able to assign 280-character Tweets from the website and the mobile app, remember that you will need to update your apps to the new version. If you’re having trouble with Twitter’s web version, you can try clearing your browser cookies.

Why did Twitter allow 140 characters?

When Twitter was born in 2006, it provided the service to be used through its primary purpose operators. He was creating a philosophy stone to throw a Tweet by throwing an SMS. The number of characters in an SMS is 160 characters. Twitter has made a distinction for 20 character names for the username. Thus, the number of characters that users can assign to Tweet was limited to 140.

After the SMS event was rafa and Twitter is another blanket, but the limit of 140 characters continued to this day. The reason for this is that it provides people with fast content. People are more interested in short content when they are written texts. Twitter has become the first name to come to mind when it comes to content that can be consumed in one shot with 140 characters and hop.

Let’s not forget that it is a first for today’s internet and social media history. Of course, not to mention a single note, as “Benefits And Damages”, we also express our feelings and thoughts with our first 280-character Tweet:)

Note: What do you think about 280-character tweets?

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