Women’s fearful dream; breast cancer

Women's fearful dream; breast cancer

What you need to know about breast cancer

Breast cancer is the leading cancer type among women. Every one of 9 women is at risk of developing breast cancer. Prevention of the best treatment of breast cancer, which is more common in Western countries. Early diagnosis in breast cancer is the most important factor in preventing the spread of cancer and its threat to life.

The best preventive method against breast cancer is early diagnosis. If it is detected early before it spreads, the chance of cancer can be up to 90 percent. Although breast cancer treatment modalities are very developed, breast cancers are unfortunately deadly. The cause of these deaths is usually late diagnosis and cancer spread to organs.

How early is the measure taken?

It is possible to reduce the likelihood of getting breast cancer by treating it consciously or to reduce the amount of the disease caused by this disease with the least amount of treatment. The most important factor in early diagnosis is the awareness of this issue. Three basic methods are used for early diagnosis.

Self-made breast checks in periodic home
Breast examinations performed by a regular doctor
National cancer screening programs

Self-periodic examination:

Women should undergo self-examination every month after the age of 20. This examination is done after a period of menstruation every month, with a certain technique. With regular examination, you can identify your normal breast tissue and notice the smallest change in your breasts early. When a suspicious mass is found in breast tissue, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Regular doctor’s examination:

Every woman should have a breast examination every 2 years until she is 50 years old. After 50 years of age this examination is recommended once a year.

National cancer screening programs:

In Belgium, women over the age of 50 are recommended to have a mammography every 2 years.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations:

Every woman should do a self-breast examination once a month (from the age of 20).
Every three years between the ages of 20-40 (although there may be no complaints) a doctor should be examined who is experienced in breast diseases.
Between the ages of 40-49, if the person is not in a risky situation, every two years, if the risk factor is involved, he should have a mammogram every year.
If they are older than 50 years, they should have mammography once a year (according to some opinions, every 2 years according to the risk situation of the patient).

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is cancer that develops from cells in the breast tissue. Although the cause is not completely known, the genetic change in breast cancer formation is very important. It is not known exactly what causes breast cancer. But there are some risk factors.

Risk factors:

1- Unchanged risk factors:

Be woman
Grow old
Breast cancer story: Women who have had breast cancer before and treated more than women
Family breast cancer story in the family: Among family relatives (mother, sister), women with breast cancer are more likely to have breast cancer than women
Seeing menstruation at a young age
Late menopause
Fertility story: The age of first childbirth is important. Women at very early age (under 18 years) or very late (over 35 years) have a higher risk for women.

2- Preventable risk factors (reducing lifestyle and behavioral changes and breast cancer risk):

Drugs used against menopausal symptoms (hormone treatment)
Lack of daily physical activity
Be overweight
Alcohol consumption
Unhealthy eating

Signs of breast cancer:

What is important in breast cancer is to be able to detect the disease before symptoms occur. Because the development of the symptoms means that the disease is progressing.

Mass handled at the meme or under the seat
Change in breast size or shape
Blood stream coming from the nipple
Shape and color change in breast or breast
Breast and nipple withdrawal
The formation of a gauze under or under the seat, although there is no mass in the chest.

Breast cancer treatment:

Because breast cancer is a very common disease, a great deal of research is available. The fact that we do not have a lot of knowledge about breast cancer has led to many developments in both diagnosis and treatment methods.
Breast cancer treatment should be done by a team specializing in the field (oncologist, surgeon, radiotherapist, psychologist, …). The main treatment for breast cancer is the surgeon. After surgery, chemotherapy or hormonotherapies are performed if necessary. In some cases, radiotherapy can also be performed. When a treatment decision is made, factors such as the size of the tumor, absence of spread to the axillary lymph nodes, presence of the cancer gene called the hormone dependency state of the tumor are taken into consideration. Breast cancer is a form of cancer that does not frighten breast cancer when conscious behaviors, such as better screening of women with a high risk of breast cancer, better identification of breast structures, awareness of changes in their breast, and protective breast screening when they are combined with today’s medical technology.

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