What To Do For Skin And Hair Health

What To Do For Skin And Hair Health

Healthy nutrition and proper care are at the forefront of what we need to do for skin and hair health. We can take the first step by adding healthy and natural foods into our daily diet. We should take care to ensure that our vitamins and minerals have the same amount of vitamins and minerals for our health. We also need to support our health with fluid consumption and skin care.

What should be done for healthy skin and hair?

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin levels in the foods we consume daily are of great importance for both skin and hair health. While iron, calcium and potassium are of great importance for hair health, vitamins A, E and C also make a great contribution to skin health.

Adequate Water Consumption

Consuming an average of 2 and 2 and a half liters of water during the day protects skin and hair moisture balance and prevents drying. Sufficient fluid intake is therefore very important. However, acidic and sugary drinks do not meet the same value as water.

Vegetable Oils

In addition to oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil and soy oil we consume, we also need to use various vegetable oils as a care. Natural extracts such as almond oil, turkey tallow, coconut oil, olive oil and lavender oil can be used for hair and skin care.

Correct Care

There are several types of maintenance. It is necessary to choose natural oils and nutrients to apply the right ones. Also misleading and unrealistic products and methods should be avoided practically.

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