What is Vaginismus?

What is Vaginismus?

Vajinusmus is a condition in which women can not enter sexual relations or enter into painful sexual intercourse. When women ask why they can not get in contact with it, they are caused by their anxiety, anxiety and uneasiness caused by their incomplete and incorrect information about sex and their sexual organs. What you need to be aware of here is that the person is completely out of the will.

This situation can not develop sexual relations in a lot of people due to the sexual desire and the development of pushing the partner to withdraw the self-withdrawal of the contraction in the stall in the course of the full reunion when there is no problem with pre- As this process continues, it may develop over time with sexual reluctance. The frequency of sexual intercourse decreases.

What is Vaginismus?

  • Vajinismus is to feel incomplete.
  • It is the resumption of your life when we solve your problem.
  • It is to assume that you will not be able to win, and to take steps for the motherhood that you can not imagine in a short time.
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