What are the war Loss

What are the war Loss

Effects on Human Life and Loss of War

What is the war Loss, War Damage What are brief, we have people who have no criminal people lost their lives as they see the atrocities. War affects people’s lives. Those living in the region are living under the threat of life. People must be protected as well as the right to life. The right to life in the hands of the people receiving them as a result of war crimes humanity is processed by the EU. Military forces or insurgents who harm innocent people should not be given, even if it is accepted to fight to struggle with each other.

What are the disadvantages of war

It is causing innocent people to die of crimes against humanity committed.
Peace and sleep are headed toward the violence of people as forbidden.
Exhaustible resources under colonial name of the country.
Economic investment by foreign countries come to the country stage collapse is not done.
Psychologically, people live for years the effect will be affected.
As dominate the fear of death, fear of being attacked.
Behind to grieve the deaths of people over the years live in sadness.
Injured rest of their lives that causes them to continue throughout their lives.

The life of people with war always affected in a negative way. People’s lives will not improve as the effects are lasting a long time.

Negative Impact on People’s War

The realization of the war, leaving a huge impact on people. From start to finish as the region is at risk of life also shows that the fairly high in terms of insecurity. People are said to have died in such circumstances as to remain crippled.

What are the harmful effects on people’s war?

War affects people not only in the region of all animate and inanimate beings. In particular, conformity, leaves negative effects of trauma on children will never forget in his life. General political wars between countries, stands out as a result of religion and have owned natural resources.

Earning money’s sake and made war on innocent people without any crime and remains under the influence. You know the people remained crippled Chernobyl undead for centuries had been an attack to be carried on the trail.

The government refused to global state after a period of large orders are managed in accordance with the drift to civil war times.

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