What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Seat Belt?

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Seat Belt?

Criminal sanctions and legal obligation, despite the majority of drivers using a seat belt refuses to make a habit of. However, that causes you to lose the lives of many people, mostly in traffic accidents, the Savior of seat belts.

People who do not use the seat belt you can lose your life or serious damage. Dig in and research about the reasons traffic around the world when you make sure that you will see how right we are.

The impact of the contacts when the seat belt is not used, as they can see the damage they may float out of the car and toss together. In this case, the damage may not just be the drivers, next to the driver while driving badly, people could get hurt.

Lies in the failure to use a belt under many different thoughts.

Some of the thoughts mentioned in our article titled misconceptions about seat belts this is wrong, we have to summarize:

● You don’t need to wear seat belts on short journeys.
● I’m a good driver.
● The vehicle during the accident the seat belt is locked I’m afraid.
● When going at low speed like I don’t need a seat belt, the seat belt is not used with beliefs and misinformation.

Well, use your seatbelt why is this so important and helps us how?

The Benefits Of Wearing A Seat Belt

● Reduces vibration that is caused by the shock.
● Not all the points are propagated to every point of impact to the body. Therefore, a single region in severe to see the impact of our body is prevented.
● Of people who do not use seat belts from the vehicle during the accident is a condition that is often experienced spikes. Prevents a spike of seat belts in the vehicle.
● Chest, head sensitive region of the body such as the spinal cord passes in front of the head.
● Allows you to avoid serious injuries in minor accidents.

Safety belt contribute to safe driving, is supported with quantitative data. For example; those who use seat belts in fatal accidents %24.8 ‘I see no harm while only those who did not use seat belts %6,3% survived unscathed.

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