What are the Benefits of Sex?

What are the Benefits of Sex?

Many people are thought to be a healthy way to a regular feeding system and in daily habits to live a lifestyle of healthy foods should be connected to consume. Another factor is shown as a healthy way to live sports. But the issue has jumped more about healthy living. This is sex.

Sex as well as being a powerful exercise is also quite important for your physical and mental health. Another way to have a better health is to have a regular sex life. It is also a major calorie burner. a 30-minute sex provides about 85 calories to be burned. is not considered as a very large amount of calories, it provides a total of 42 half hours of sex to burn 3570 calories. This makes it a great workout tool. We also sexy you will give some information about known or unknown benefits. Just after we finish our article talking about the sexy side effects.

7 Golden Rules of Making Regular Sex

1. Stress


Job interviews, exam frenzy, people in situations such as the challenges of everyday life, and so are entering a very stressful mood. This leaves the negative effects on the body. One of the most important ways of coping with stressful periods according to research by the release of oxytocin and endorphins are the times that hormones. These hormones prevent effects occurring in the body due to stress. Endorphins and oxytocin hormone is secreted during the most sex. These hormones are the hormones that good feeling and activates the brain’s pleasure center. pleasure center becomes active also makes more business sense will help you avoid feeling like nervous and depressed.

2. Ache


Another benefit is that having sex with a pain killer feature. Firstly, including headaches, other aches and also one of the most important ways of coping passes to the sex. Because the hormones released during orgasm, nerves stretching provide a more systematic way to work. Thus, to reach a solution in the area of pain is much easier. Also called endorphins, a hormone secreted during orgasm similar to morphine. This also helps to relieve pain. Migraine treatment of the sex and masturbation will have the same effect.

3. Body Resistance

Body Resistance

Week 1 or 2 times immunoglobulin levels in the body of the person who comes to the high amount of sex. The level of immunoglobulin although the body becomes higher the greater the resistance. Because the first resistance element in the body’s defenses caused by these substances. His task is entered from outside the body and fight the invading organisms. This means the killing of foreign substances entering the body or to destroy your body resistance allows it to become active. As a result, 2 times a week to have sex regularly increases the resistance of the body and plays an important role in fighting disease.

4. Heart Health

Heart Health

For the effect on heart health in men having sex some research has been done. According to the results of research of the possibilities of developing 2 times a week on a regular basis who have sex with men, heart disease, 45 percent less than those who appeared to be making. Sex activity alone is not enough to protect your heart health. In addition, regular exercise is to keep in balance the level of estrogen and testosterone. This is a very important factor to protect heart health. In a study conducted on 914 men about sex effects, it revealed the importance of sex in reducing the risk of heart attack.

5. Cancer


Sex is particularly important in order to avoid reducing prostate cancer for men. Recent studies were performed on 20 men and sex appeared to reduce the importance of prostate cancer occurring with increasing age. 30s to 40s in age and importance, if not a significant impact on the sex of prostate cancer in their 20s 50s is quite high. to have sex on a regular basis to reduce the risk of prostate cancer may occur in old age is very important.

6. Confidence


Examining a bit of character as well as issues related to the sex and orgasm increases the amount of oxytocin, the hormone of love. This hormone is a highly effective hormone to instill a strong sense of bonding and trust. In recent research on couples that possibility became a success rate of 59 percent. In addition, the hormone oxytocin is associated with a sense of generosity.

7. Mood


Research has revealed that people seem happier after sex. Biomedical substances that are beneficial in terms of health allows correcting the mood. This biyokemikal come from a neurotransmitter secreted during sex. It provides a helpful mood to keep away negative thoughts and increasing positive thoughts.

Sex to provide radiant skin and helps you look younger. It also allows you happier and sleep a peaceful sleep. It also performs thanks to the prolactin hormone secreted after orgasm. Recent research in lowering blood pressure to have sex with the absence of more precise information that was thrown out of. Research is still ongoing for this information. We tried more detail and explanation to you in detail the benefits of having sex.

We want to specify as a warning via advertisements on the internet do not tend to appear in front of all sexual products. Because it is taking place with some totally bogus companies and the desired product does not meet the expected demand. So without proper research stay away from such traps. Now we will end our article give some information about the damage and side effects of having sex.

What are the Side Effects of Making Sex?

The benefits of sex is pretty much just as we say above. But it may cause some side effects. For example, urinary excretion after sex becomes very difficult. The reason comes from the fact blocked channels. do not force yourself to urinary excretion may be a little painful, but there is no harm in that.

In addition to having unprotected sex by using a condom, you are having the possibility of having children in the future. This is a risk, but do unprotected sex will get you more pleasure. After orgasm can be a little difficult to harden again. Because in order to cure, it is necessary to renew the frayed nerves. this time to the 20s at a young age that people just 5 minutes, while advancing age can take several hours. When the 50s and more brides are able to find even on the days of the curability time again. It can also cause spasms or cramps in legs having sex. This will occur due to the continuous stretching of muscles relaxation events. After sex during sex because the body will get tired and wear a sleep state could be activated. Side effects that may occur during orgasm during sex and or damage to the body can be expressed in this way.

The first sex benefits as a way to talk about it in detail, in which case it is effective for the prevention of diseases and which we have explained that the effect of what you like. We share related to side effects or damage immediately after having sex with valuable information for our readers. Thus, in order to better educate you about sex, we will terminate our writing after completing this article. We hope that this provides the possibility to be able to have much more knowledge about sex.

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