Ways to be happy in marriage – 20 tips

Ways to be happy in marriage - 20 tips

What is the Secret of a Happy Relationship?

Today, what is the meaning of love in almost every conversation. Is love mood, emotion change, or just the excitement of the opposite sex? Love at first sight is possible or does love occur over time? But how do we know that we are in love or what we feel is love. Is love only unique to humans, or do all living things experience these feelings? I believe that love; is a special and beautiful joke that our brain offers to our body. Marriages are the most beautiful fruit of love. If a love ends in a happy draw, it has reached its goal. We can list the secrets of being happy in marriage in the most summary;

Always be energetic to be happy in marriage

The psychoanalyst, Erich Fromm, defines love as an energy that is the source of the active and productive force in the person. Therefore, we keep your energy fresh all the time.

Do not end your love for a long marriage

Many studies say that the average of life is 2.5 years on average. Even in some research this goes down to 1 year. Nowadays, the coexistence and the divorce have proved that they have a long life. Okay, but the people who are still holding hands, but can read love from their eyes, have not ended their love. Does the feeling that comes with love can end the passion, the love ends when the passion ends. What is important here is that even if love ends, it can be transformed into love and habits and continue to be together. Because the first day of love with the freshness of a lifetime is very difficult to maintain. According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, love consists of three layers. Proximity, commitment and passion. In time, even if passion is lost, marriages should be maintained with intimacy and loyalty.

Do not think unilaterally for a happy marriage

Narcissism, aggressive behavior and depressive temperament; the most important enemies of the associates. In marriages I should not, we should. Single-sided selfish behaviors are the elements that finish the relationship.

Beware of frustration for a good marriage

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is that a dream is real. For this reason, the first excitement of those who merge their lives with their dreams of marriage may disappear after a while. For this reason, it should be tried to maintain the excitement of association with various sharing and joint activity efforts.

Attention to endorphin dependence

“Endorphin dependence” may be developed in many relationships before marriage. If there is such a situation in the marriage over time the first excitement can become a routine routine, and the relationship can come to break. For this reason, various hobbies such as mountaineering, hunting, various social assistance activities, team sports activities, painting and music should be acquired in order to keep the current endorphins of married couples alive. The common pleasures in various sports or art branches are found and directed towards marriage to provide a great dynamism. In addition to life friendship, team and team friendship develops.

Share your responsibilities for a happy marriage.

Couples should share responsibilities at home and abroad at an equal level and be aware that domestic work and child rearing are not just women.

Never leave your room for a happy marriage

There should be one TV in the house and the couples should endeavor to follow the same programs. Social media should be shared, there should not be any issues that couples hide from each other. Spending time with different televisions or computers in different rooms may cause couples to break up and move away in the long run.

Take time for your relationship

Neighboring and relative visits should be given importance. Families of both sides should be visited in a balanced way and family ties should be strengthened. Also, from time to time, do activities such as cinema, theater, concert, picnic or dinner. So take the time to your relationship.

Talk as long as you can

In the talking couples, the ties usually do not go to an end. Talk, share and empathy. Thus, they can learn the desires and desires of each other. The most important adaptation in marriage is education compliance. Care should be taken to ensure that the level of education is close to each other.

There is mutual understanding on the basis of a happy marriage

Women are more sensitive than men. For example, activity was detected in three brain regions of women suffering from love pain and trauma, and in a brain region of men. Women are more difficult to connect and later forget, they are much more affected than love traumas. Therefore, in partnerships, it should be objective and natural, avoiding behaviors that would hurt women.

Be patient to be happy in your marriage

It should not be thought about the misconceptions about waiting too long in relations. If you try to cut the sapling which is a harbinger of a mature tree without fruit, you will be wrong. Do not give up immediately in the face of difficulties in relations. You could never learn to walk if you gave up trying to walk back to your cradle a few times as a child. Never aim to not fall, but to get up when you fall. See what you’ve had as an opportunity to learn about your failures and failures.

Be forgiving against your partner’s mistakes.

It is not possible to return to the past and change them for the problems you are having in your relationship. If you can discover the positive aspects of your marriage or relationship and what they have earned for you, you can relieve the suffering you experience. If your relationship has hurt you in the past, why punish yourself and your spouse now? Forgive the things that hurt you and get rid of them, do not let them become increasingly burdensome.

Be courageous in your relationships

Courage is not fearlessness, but fear of being able to go upon what is feared. Of course there will be problems in every relationship. Don’t run away from your problems, confront them and never lose your hope. Maybe you’ll make mistakes, but you’re still not going to give up, give up and gain happiness over time.

Always think positively about your marriage

In fact, our thoughts are an energy of atoms. If you think positive, you can emit positive energy around you. Have you seen a person laughing at the funeral home or crying in a comedy? For this reason, you should always be optimistic in your relations. Your positive attitudes will spread not only to your relationship, but to all areas of your life.

Develop Awareness

Some people, even if they have positive and constructive thinking, may experience difficulties in showing these characteristics. Try to empathy to develop the habit of looking at many windows of issues will refer you to a more restorative and forgiving attitude.

Don’t bother with your relationship for a long relationship

Unfortunately, both of the spouses are working, their marriage is a factor that leads to fatigue. Working women have two different roles in the professional field and home. When he spends some time in his house, his career is in danger. If he’s turning his career, he’s neglecting his house. Therefore, it has difficulty in achieving success in both directions. As a matter of fact, divorce rates in working women are six times higher than those who do not. In order to keep your relationship happy, it is imperative that the woman working in the household is helped by the man.

Pay attention to criticism to be happy in your marriage

Critics and suggestions should not make you focused, I should focus. For example, instead of “what is this house, what a messy woman you are,” I should say, “I feel bad when the house is scattered.” Because you will see a focused criticism as a direct attack on your personality, even if the house is a bit of a continuum. Or would it be better if we did, like this would be better? plural and constructive expressions should be used.

Face to face

Scientific research shows that looking at face to face for at least five minutes a day increases love, compassion and love. Their relationship needs to be fed as a living organism. After 2,5 years of marriage, emotional nutrition is minimized. It takes empathic sharing communication to hear, listen and understand its place.

Don’t set goals for your happiness

Do not place targets in your relationship, such as when you buy a car, take a car, have a child, or be happy when another event occurs. Happiness is not a goal but a long journey and a feeling to live at any moment. Do not put obstacles in place for this.

The way to be happy in marriage is not to be sensitive to mistakes

Nobody on earth will be without fault. Errors should be ignored unless repeated. If you don’t tell what you see, it will fly away from your memory. If you do, it’s in your memory. Also don’t listen to every criticism. If you live according to the criticism and suggestions of people around you, you cannot live for yourself. So consider the positive reviews of your mistakes, but don’t listen to criticism of your personality.

Therefore, living properly, disciplined and disciplined is one of the keys to personal success. This is often possible with marriage and a proper draw. Family is the smallest building block of society. Healthy communities consist of healthy families. Healthy marriages are the strongest dynamics of a society. For this reason, regular, successful life and healthy, long relationships should be avoided if necessary to get psychological support.

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