Watermelon Benefits and Losses

Watermelon Benefits and Losses

Summer watermelon is one of the most delicious way to cool off in the heat to be a cure for many diseases and certain that the food is good. Some damage also features what’s affecting our health with watermelon?

Here harm and benefits of watermelon…

which kind of treatment against cancer, as well as offensive and the protective effect of cardiac function and is known to help in the regulation of blood pressure.

Also watermelon, according to experts, indicating that plenty of vitamin C and antioxidant properties of various types of cancer is effective against beta-carotene include, in the high potassium it contains helps the regulation of heart function and blood pressure.

Experts also regulate bowel movements is a good source of fiber and also the core of the watermelon that play a role in preventing bowel cancer, with his in which cucurbocitr Madden noted that help organize and renal function, lower blood pressure.

Watermelon How to choose?

Because it does not contain fat and cholesterol and calories also found a special place in the diet is low in the summer made it special attention is needed for the consumption of ripe watermelon.

The watermelons began to decorate the shelves of grocery and shopping centers with the weather heats up, due to substances that are abundant in lycopene content, has a protective effect against cancer.

Summer season and in abundance, as well as being cheaper watermelon is a fruit popular by people of all ages, experts drew attention to the human health benefits, people who consumed plenty of watermelon in summer is recommended.

Watermelon, with protection against cancer in terms of the substance lycopene-rich fruit. One of the major causes leading to cancer is damage to tissue and organs due to harmful substances.

The substance lycopene antioxidant properties thanks prevents binding to healthy tissues and organs of the harmful toxins called free radicals. Lycopene provides protection against harmful substances bind to tissues and organs. Therefore watermelon is one of the most important nutrients that protect against cancer.

His body against cancer up to protect the head of the known matter and experts reminding it of vitamin E, the vitamin of protection against cancer, the lycopene in watermelon 2nd floor, emphasizing that it is 10 times more vitamin E.

The potassium watermelon, the better functioning of the kidneys and thereby accelerate the removal of sodium from the body by the kidneys. As a result of excess sodium excreted from the body in blood pressure is stabilized, regulated heart function and reduce the risk of heart attack.

Watermelon provides high amounts more frequently taken out of the favorites to go to the toilet waste from the body and accordingly because it is a fruit that is easy to digest and contains water.

Watermelon, carries a feature for body cleansing with an annual and herbaceous structure. With lycopene in particular it contains substances that protect against cancer of the body.

We know that vitamin A and vitamin E are considered quite successful in protecting our body against cancer. But compared to the substance of the vitamin in watermelon lycopene is located on the 2nd floor, compared to vitamin E provides 5 times more protection.

Watermelon with such a big importance for the body to be able to positively affect consumption of the body is supposed to be true. It will be able to get much better results in terms of body health if consumed before eating watermelon.

But that makes it difficult to digest if consumed during the meal and the benefits in terms of health of the body will not be observed.

Finally, we need to have plenty of summer watermelon consumption levels and specifying the mesh until the stones in the kidneys and loss of sand will provide great convenience on.

Dangerous duo: Watermelon-cheese

Dangerous duo Watermelon-cheese

When summer came from people eat and taste the “watermelon-cheese” distinct flavor created by the duo a lot. It really does have the taste satisfaction. But the danger begins. Excess weight is ignored watermelon cheese immediately.

Write those who diet and meal of choice for those who want to spend slightly “watermelon-cheese” overweight is inevitable when the duo in moderation.

Also it expects much immature gut or causing degradation of the activities of the watermelon and another complained of nausea. also you need to pay attention to this election.

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