Virgo Money


(August 23 – September 22)

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Unlike the lion, Virgo does not like to take risks, step into anything that is not tangible. The spike from the earth element is fairly stable and stable in relation to the rumor. The spike, which sees working and producing as the aim of life, does not fail to take firm steps because it moves by seeing the details. Constantly calculating the Virgo, the past, the present and the future will move thinking. Because it is generally an anxious structure and a tendency to negativity, it thinks that bad days are near, saves money and tries to keep itself safe. By doing very fine calculations, we successfully apply the investment system that provides the best profit.

With the help of his analytical ability, he is well planned, strategic and affordable in his investments. The most prone investment method is to accumulate money in the bank, to take interest. In general, there is a way to reduce consumption and to minimize consumption because it is against the wind. Winning his money by working hard, Virgo is not curious about luxurious consumer goods, branded clothing or names. Having a simple life like personality, spike does not hurt to serve others, nor to help in financial sense.

The greatest expenditure of Virgo, which attaches great importance to health and cleanliness, is in this area. In order to be able to financially balance doctor visits that he often goes to, health insurance is a basic necessity in the life of Virgo. The fastest consuming material in household is those for cleaning and hygiene. The spike, which has a realistic approach to the currency, does not hide from spending if it really needs it. In fact, although he likes good things, his ability to rank his priorities in life is the main reason for his self-sufficiency and survival even in bad days.

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Character | Career | Money | Love | Sex | Health | Diet & Fitness | Gift Selection

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