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(August 23 – September 22)

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In the zodiac, Virgo is the earth and the variable nature that gives the utmost importance to health, cleanliness, hygiene and nourishment. In the sixth place, Virgo throws himself to the doctor or the hospital in the slightest bodily discomfort. Detail and attention, assimilation Virgo is the most basic characteristics of the verse. Virgo is dominant on the body, the abdomen, the intestines, the spleen, the central nervous system. Basically, twelve finger intestines and peritoneum (abdomen) are in the control of the Virgo sign.

The nervous system is also very sensitive, as Virgo attaches great importance to details, and perceptions are very strong. All kinds of psychosomatic diseases are very common in Aboriginal people, such as disorders related to bowel and abdominal function, ulcers (especially from worried), colitis, peritonitis, appendicitis, constipation, malnutrition, malnutrition and intestinal disorders resulting therefrom. Beside the hygiene and cleanliness, the attention to mental calmness, the time and energy to spare will make you feel good.

Nutritional regimens Virgo is an important factor in maintaining healthy for the rumor. It is very easy to feel uncomfortable when you do not eat meals regularly and do not eat well cooked meals. It may be useful to prioritize a grape-based diet in terms of the ability of Virgo to cultivate and manipulate its intestines. A vegetarian diet is said to be beneficial for spike people. Strong drinks, tomato sauce and baharattan should be kept away.

Virgo and Gemini will bring peace and health to the ruling planet Mercury’s presence on the metal shaft or house, using jewels made of stones such as yellow topaz, agate. Home remedies and teas to be prepared with herbs such as liquorice, parsley, carapelin, valerian, fennel, which grow in sandy, barren areas, with flowers in various colors, will help strengthen the nervous system of the ears.

The table, light brown, very pale green colored clothing items and decoration are also calming. Sports bones that will satisfy mental activity as well as physical are suitable for Virgo. Along with physical activities such as long walks, outdoor activities, aerobics, cultural physics, alternative techniques such as yoga and meditation also help to find calm and peace.

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