Virgo Gift Selection


(August 23 – September 22)

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Gift Selection

Virgo Woman

Virgo enjoys working with her hands. You can buy gifts like a month’s piano lesson, ceramics, sculpture materials. When you love to analyze everything, you can do the character analysis by removing the star map.

An accessory for the work desk is a good choice as it has been long hours in the office. If you do not have a computer, you will be very happy with a new computer. Because Virgo is a bastion of the communicator, the virtual environment is full to him. You can get a one-year internet subscription. You can give a Virgo woman who likes to protect the form a ten hour lesson with a special coach from a sports club. You will get a fitness tool to do sports at home.

The stone of Virgo is greenish. A necklace of jadeite, a ring will bring him good luck. You can get a colorful, elegant, silk scarf that colors the black platters. If you are going to get a blouse for him, you should choose something natural, cashmere or silk. A classic white shirt made of fine cotton or silk fabric is always a favor. The navy blue blazer jacket, silver hair brush and mirror set will be a big mirror favorite for the bedroom – the Virgo woman who always wants to make sure she looks well-groomed. You can present a leather file, organizer or business bag for Virgo that loves classic things.

Virgo Man

If you give your hard-earned man a laptop computer, he will be able to continue to work everywhere, even when he’s running. The Virgo man, ruled by Mercury, needs constant communication. If you can get it from new machines where you can fax from anywhere, it will do all the office work and communicate.

Virgo loves to read his man, you can buy him a reading lamp on a coffee table or a tiny battery reading lamp that can be attached to a book. When you are talking on the phone, you can give a gift from the new headphones to let your hands free. You will be very pleased if you buy a few months’ membership for a spike man who takes care of your health and who is careful to stay in shape. A hand vacuum cleaner is a good choice because it loves to work with your fingers and because it is clean and meticulous. In the same way the tool box or electric shoe polisher will do the trick.

Virgo is intelligent and intellectual, loves books and puzzles. You can give a gift check from a good bookstore. You can get a new and interesting computer program. Hallelujah, if you add a piece to your side that you have saved about the program will be greatly affected.

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