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(August 23 – September 22)

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Diet & Fitness

Although Virgo is from the burnt earth element, it has a very high metabolic rate with the contributions of variability. The digestive tract is the most problematic area of the body, especially the intestines. The digestive system is the body area where the intestines are the most problematic of the spike. So meditation and exercise are essential to get rid of spasms, balance nervous and digestive systems. Although it is soil, Virgo tends to be thinner and even smaller than the others.

Virgo’s relieving self-reliance is almost unlikely from birth to death. He is constantly stressed because he can not be satisfied with being productive and doing something he likes to keep himself busy. In addition, the importance of health, hygiene and hygiene is also very influential in the growth of stress and anxiety.

Virgo comes at the head of the signs I should pay much attention to the feeding. It is ideal for a diet Virgo, given fresh vegetables and fruits as much as possible. In fact, since Virgo is predominantly vegetarian, a fleshless regime is not difficult for Virgo. However, the spike which is very prone to lack of iron should also be cautious in this regard. Virgo, which can be a very good organize, goes into practice as soon as he decides to lose weight. When Virgo decides to lose weight because she is prone to go on extreme extremes, she can put herself into the pot completely. Or doing excessive exercise can cause serious physical problems. The most suitable sports are cycling, hiking and gymnastics.

Medicines, foods and drinks prepared from spices are very suitable for Virgo. This method, also known as phytotherapy, helps both to protect your daily health and support your regimens to lose weight. Counting calories, calculating the vitamins, proteins and even trace elements contained in cats are extremely enjoyable for Virgo. Therefore, Virgo, which applies a calorimetric regime that conforms to the weight he wants to give, will surely attain the desired physical appearance as long as he wants.

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