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(August 23 – September 22)

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The spike, located in the sixth row of the zodiac, is the sixth stage of man’s evolutionary progress and universal development. The main aim of the lion is the development of human individuality and creativity. In the Virgo is the discovery of individual skills and the learning of their use in the most beneficial, most productive way. For this reason, the Virgo service is recognized as a rumor. Many Virgo have both success and satisfaction with the professions they have acquired in fields such as education and healthcare.

Virgo usually exhibits a self-sacrifice when helping other people, but the service it tends to tend not to be wasted to attract people’s attention and emotionally cooperate if their help is not accepted or ignored. When Virgo helps out, directing people to perfectionism forms the basis for problems that people experience in relationships.

The variable nature of Virgo’s adaptation power is high. This property, which is a tremendous advantage when viewed in vital terms, can cause deformities in Virgo due to human relationships. Virgo is instinctively sensitive to the needs and desires of other people. The tendency to harmonize with other people, ignoring their own situation and needs, may cause Virgo to move away from his own reality.

The symbol of the Sacred Virgin is Virgo, a very shy structure indeed. She can leave herself when she believes she will have the perfect wife and perfect relationship. Having an idealistic and detailed structure, it is difficult to complete projects because of this feature. Virgo, who prefers to be behind the scenes or in the business kitchen, performs much better when not on the eyes.

The practical value of your experience is the premise for Virgo. Virgo looks at the practical advantages of each experience before evaluating his physical response, his feelings, and his logic at the intellectual level. It is a typical Virgo characteristic to share what they gain from their experiences with other people, to put them into use.

Mercury, which symbolizes intellectual and communication, is the ruling planet of Virgo, like the twins. So communication is a very important place in Virgo’s life, but in general Virgo people are not as chatty as twins. Virgo is curious about books, magazines and writing. In other words, the activities that can be done alone are important in Virgo life. Its ability to organize, critical view, scholastic style and attention to detail make it a good researcher and scholar.

Everything you do, every person around you, and developing all kinds of relationships are among the basic Virgo spurs. Sometimes it uses excitement as a pretext for laziness and inactivity. This is a tendency to be found in Older Beings, which is more scattered, unorganized, escaping from production. Although Virgo is prone to internal criticism, sometimes he can not accept his mistakes. Through his analytical skills, he can plan and organize something from beginning to end, and he can pass the theoretical practices to practice without taking the slightest detail. Virgo meets compliments and applauses with doubt and insecurity because he does not value his own work, he can always be better, he believes he can be done.

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