Virgo Career


(August 23 – September 22)

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Virgo folks like to analyze, divide into small pieces and finally reach them from these paths. With a high level of intelligence, Virgo wants to serve other people by producing practical solutions. Even though it is not very obvious, it is not possible to be satisfied with the second good, it makes a good impression to succeed in business life and to deliver what it does to excellence.

The spike in the soil element becomes a channel for practical, realistic and achievable purposes in business life. It is also recognized in the professional life with its speckle, organizational ability and detailing that comprehends its responsibilities very well. The biggest disadvantage of Virgo is that it can not be satisfied from anything that is not perfect, and acts as though no performance has been achieved. It is the extent to which both the nervous system and the people who work with it are seriously worn out and that there are problems in human relations.

Virgo is a helpful coworker. He communicates to the people he works with without knowing what he knows. Because of its analytic structure, it gives the keys of success to its team by bringing original solutions to original problems. However, until the critical structure is understood and accepted by the people who work with it, adoption takes time.

Virgo office is extremely organized, perhaps resembling a library or perhaps a hospital room. The spike, which can not start work without putting everything in place, takes care of hygiene and cleanliness in the office as well as at home. Apart from that, the service sector, the health and care sector are the areas where they can be successful.

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