Vacation Plans by Ice Lolly Setting up by Euro 2016 match

Vacation Plans by Ice Lolly Setting up by Euro 2016 match

According to research conducted by in France it was instrumental in starting the European Football Championship to postpone to a later date the British fans holiday plans.

According to a survey conducted by the Leeds-based server and offer online comparison sites surveyed in 1000, 23% of British fans, the resort plans to follow the match was postponed to a later date.

In addition, the 34% cut in order to watch the matches will be held during the tournament said they intend to postpone their holidays.

while 44% of respondents said they compare the fixture with England National Team match days they go on holiday, he said. If 86% of these supporters have said they followed the previous day during the holidays.

Icelolly senior marketing manager Ross Mathews: “At this time, because more people are on holiday pressure on our team ever wants to be sure that they defer to no avail.”

“Matches are also many options for those who want to continue to watch during his travels. Spain, Greece and consumers who choose their holiday destinations in Turkey can get updated information about the national team and they can continue to enjoy the sun at this time.”

Icelolly’n research breaks that football is not only because of the delay was revealed.

Rio 5 at the start of the Olympics in August, almost a quarter of respondents (24%) said they would postpone their holidays in order to follow the events.

Meanwhile, news came from the easyJet skin. EasyJet order to provide those interested with the live score updates during flight has announced a new communication to use the technology.

Match of the Day type of passengers who do not wish to receive information on a warning to avoid a match made the score receive information. But the company has not made a thorough knowledge of how the system works.

easyJet Network Operations Director Will Facey: “Whether in France, whether you go to another resort, we are doing our best to inform you about the high adherence to the national football team fans the latest developments.”

“We’ve got 24 countries competing in the tournament most of the flight and wrap around the side of the football fever that is needed to get the last score of our passengers and crew these days that also is the most natural right.”

Airline providing affordable transportation company in question is a heavy demand on the French cities where games are played according to statements by the citizens of the United Kingdom during the month and continued for about 250 000 passenger seats for the tournament is divided.

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