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(May 21 – June 21)

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Sex Features / Sexual life

The twins, who have a variable character, give a feeling to each other that it is with someone else. twins are very successful in human relations, and although they can easily make friends, they escape from the constant ones of special relationships. He is looking for different experiences with different people. Hence, different forms of behavior are required to satisfy a twins’ partner sexually. Because it is an experimental nature and it is tired of making tall plans, the twins are very fond of one-night lovers. He can not rely on himself, nor can he tolerate and let others control it.

In fact, the twins take the source of their sexual activity rather than the strength of their impulse. Like many other activities, your sexuality can feel discomfort in the middle and give up without any explanation. Or because she does not like to deal with a single job, sexuality is at least as mental as she is, and she does not hesitate to keep herself busy with other things. Since his concentration is quickly dispersed, he can totally get away from shared.

Twins who are very talkative and want to tell something constantly, even when they are experiencing sexuality. Whether your partner is interested or not interested in many things related to the topic, there are a lot of twins who tell you during sex. In fact, it has a sophisticated fantasy world because it is very attractive from the application of sex. The twins who symbolize the folks are very talented in using these organs.

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