Twins Horoscope

Twins Horoscope


(May 21 – June 21)

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Executive Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Quality: Variable
Lucky numbers: 5, 9
Day: Wednesday
Lucky stone: Agate
Color: Yellow, orange color
Tarot card: Lovers
Animal: Brightly colored birds and butterflies
Plant: Hazelnut, walnut, lavender, pearl flower
Valuable stone: Tourmaline
Precious metal: quicksilver

Positive sides: Harmonious, intellectual, fast-grasping, logical, chatty, lively, sympathetic, open to innovation. He can do a few jobs at the same time.

Negative Aspects: Variable, unreliable, two-sided, unstable, superficial, gossiping, restless, overhead.

Gemini Team Star (Astronomy)
In the constellation of the twins, Lapus, the Rabbit, is located to the south of the eklipti. The stars of the Great Dogs in Sirius, Mirzam, Mulphen, Wasen and Adhora, located in the second dean. There is a small dog or wolf (Canis Minor) in the last deck. Procyon and Al Gomez are also found in constellations of twins.

General Characteristics of Twins Woman

The twins are attracted by the cheerful, energetic and moving nature of the ladies, but they are so undecided and constantly change their minds. Gemini is a practical, intelligent and attractive woman. But it is very difficult to recognize a twin woman. Because it is in constant variability.

Gemini woman is thesis lively and loves living life. Especially traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people is a great pleasure. He likes difference.

Gemini woman can handle multiple operations at the same time. She enjoys more than spending time with herself. He loves it very much and has a lot of good intentions. He enjoys being independent of the material issue. I do not like being restricted and especially taking orders.

They love to dream and always try to live in good conditions. The twins are more than friendly and capable of convincing and fluent, and are a good friend. Binary relationships are highly sacrificed and good partners.

Twins Male General Features

Gemini is notable for his intelligent, gentle, beautiful and effective speaking and charming man. It is practical and has a structure that can easily produce solutions in the face of problems.

Gemini changes the moody man and sometimes it can be hard to understand. There is a structure that is constantly attracting attention with childlike attitudes. He wants to do what he puts in mind. The twins, who are fond of freedom from the other side, do not like being restricted from man and taking orders. He always enjoys doing his own business.

The twins are lucky man double. It has a structure that allows easy dialogue with people and listens to their speech. It is immediately recognized by the opposite sex. It is very enjoyable to produce new ideas and new projects in business matters. It also changes in financial matters. Sometimes it can be very bonk, sometimes very stingy. But it is very weak in administration. They have a problem of deepening in a certain way.

Gemini man loves to waste and is not very successful in money matters. It is not very sensitive in emotional sense, and likes to look at it as much as possible.

Gemini man does not like a multidisciplinary home life, but if he loves it he may marry and make an effort to maintain this marriage.

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