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(May 21 – June 21)

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The air group and the variable twins are third in the Zodiac. Movement, elasticity and adaptation are key words for twins. On the bedside, the nervous system that gives sensitivity and flexibility to the body when communicating is about twins. It also helps the lungs to get the water they need from the air and provide oxygen by breathing. Since twins are very clear to the stimuli of the outside world and their perceptions are stronger than others, sensitivity to the nervous system also arises. In twins, the collar bones on the respiratory system, nervous system, hand, arms, ribs are the front planes. Its moving structure helps to adapt easily to every center, and also helps to strengthen physical health in general. But it is a fact that twins may have some weaknesses as well as every human being. Nervous disorders, sudden drops in bodily energy, respiratory system diseases such as asthma and bronchitis are the most common of these diseases.

The twins should be careful, especially in human relations, to be careful not to cause small arguments, major disagreements and wear off the nervous system. Twins, who tend to be active mentally, always need to take systematic and healthy breathing, long, rhythmic steps outdoors. Diversity will certainly manifest itself in the needy foods. Nevertheless, they should be careful not to include in the food habits that will absolutely strengthen the cereals and nerves. Having mercury on the twins or in the house, yellow stones like topaz, agate must have spiritual calm and possess the luck.

Household medicines and teas made with herbs such as dill, lettuce, fennel, lavender, which grow in sandy, barren areas, with flowers in a wide variety of colors help to strengthen the nervous system of the twins.

The orange color, the melon, the very blue colors of clothing will give both the luck and the calmness to the twins. As twins are active and energetic, besides all kinds of physical activity, intelligence games also provide satisfaction. But bicycles, driving cars, step twins are the most prominent sporting tales. It may be necessary to give importance to the basal region and the sciences by the influence of the publication which is the opposite sign.

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