Twins Gift Selection


(May 21 – June 21)

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Gift Selection

Twins Woman

Gemini has the tricky points we need to know to get the right gift for the woman. The twins are in need of communication, you can give them a stylish paper-pencil set with a stylish pen or initials. The mobile phone loves things like the fax machine that keep people in constant contact.

Gemini likes to change, wants to change their appearance often. You can get her a thin belt of silver tokens, a small leather backpack. Because he travels often, he may need a new suitcase. Whether it’s a wheeled suitcase or a weekend baggage, a stylish bag will do a great job.

Because twins love to do a few things at the same time, you can give them a wireless mp3 player, radio that they can listen to while working on it. He will love a small reading lamp with a battery so that he can read his book while he sleeps at night or next to his journey. Twins who love to write will be very happy with a diary that is a lock and key.

Twins Man

Gemini has a tricky point that we need to know to get the right gift as a gift to a man. Gemini loves to read the mysterious man, you can give him a gift from the best selling books. Gemini can get a toilet bag for your bag or leather because it is a travel burster. He’s going to be crazy about the airline ticket he might go anywhere.

Receiving or sending e-mails is a lot of fun for him, you can pay his one-year internet subscription. Gemini loves tiny accessories that work. For the car, a wide-angle rear-view mirror will serve as a mirror or a container to hold your drink. The new tiny voice recorder will make your everyday life easier to record, rather than write down things you should not forget.

A barometer / thermometer that predicts the weather will help you dress up, the twins are mostly outdoors. In the same way, a stainless steel thermos for hot and cold beverages will please someone who is on the road like him.

Gemini loves to learn new things, go to courses and classes. You can improve the billiard technique or find courses that will enhance your knowledge of wine.

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