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(May 21 – June 21)

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Diet- Fitness

As can be understood from its moving structure, twins have a high metabolic rate. Spontaneity is the biggest advantage of easy adaptation to life. However, twins often develop poor nutritional habits. It is fed intensively with ready-to-eat foods and fast-food because it neglects to keep the necessary materials at home, or because the search for change takes precedence.

Twins who always love to do more than one thing together, watching TV or eating, read a book, so they do not realize what they ate. Though it has a fine structure, twins gain weight because of this habit. We can not guarantee that weak twins will be healthy. More fresh food consumption will cause both the strengthening of the nervous system and better physical health. One of the reasons why twins have a high nervous sensitivity is the habit of eating fast food or eating fast when they are angry. This habit causes fatigue of the digestive system, but also weight. The curiosity of the burgers and the different cuisines can also be listed among other main reasons. Because the lungs and the upper part of the body are sensitive regions in the twins, it is in need of improvement. Aerobics and jogging will be the most suitable sport for these. The twins love active sports, which requires speed. However, taking into account the weakness of the respiratory system, attention should be paid to sweating.

Twins who are psycosomatic and prone to physical discomfort should first attach importance to a food regimen containing vitamin B to strengthen the nervous system. Alternative techniques include twinning, group activities. In particular, the psychodrama will help to relax, to relax and to self-define while having fun.

Counting calories is not a system that no twins can tolerate. The only food regime can also become a helpless chastisement for twins. Therefore, a regimen with various combinations, which will be prepared as soon as possible but contain different foods every day, will help twins lose weight. However, it is also essential that the food regime has an order that will not cause problems for twins in their social and professional life.

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