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(May 21 – June 21)

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The second sign of the Zodiac symbolizes the third stage of evolution and the place of the individual in the Gemini. The basic impulse of the twins is to develop the intellectual power necessary to understand the universe. Gemini is a structure that constantly collects information and evaluates the information it collects and tries to achieve in the end. The basic idea of twins is to exchange ideas, to share the knowledge with others. Gemini who are well aware of their needs and know their needs become careful researchers and develop an academical style. Delays in improving their awareness tend to be more gossip and content with superficial information.

Twins can be adapting to changes at any moment. This can be regarded as a plus feature to help ease life or as a minus feature that can be considered as an openness to the effects of other people. The ability to imitate twins, who can easily understand other people’s thoughts, is also highly developed. This ability plays an important role in twins’ withdrawal from many difficult situations. However, the ability to easily adapt to other people’s situations may cause them to forget to act in accordance with their own talents and needs. There is also a tendency to say that other people want to hear more than real or real thoughts.

Gemini reacts in the intellectual platform against what they wish with experience in life. It tends to analyze everything on the mental level without going through physical action in a matter, evaluating its practical side, and analyzing its real feelings. This feature causes Twins to be thought of as having an emotional or superficial sense of emotion. Mercury, which symbolizes communication and intellectuality, is the ruling planet of the Twins. Under the influence of Mercury, Gemini shows a character that is talkative, strong in perception and curious about everything. Gemini, constantly in motion, appears under the influence of Mercury, which is also a symbol of youth, much smaller than its ages. Another reason for their youthful appearance is that they have to be very successful in keeping up with the world, the innovations, the era. The natural versatility and changing relevance of the twins gives the character a multi-personality. It is the basic need of the twins to concentrate on what they do and to learn how to start and finish one by one.

Jump from subject to subject easily leads to dissipation, dissipation and energy wastage. People around you need to make a special effort to catch up with the twins about time, speed, and so on. The twins, who can not cope with listening, usually do not shut down until the last breath they give is the first time they start talking. Although he does not want to keep a secret about his own life, his desires, his thoughts and his actions, he does his best to learn the mysteries of others. The twins who want to have knowledge in every subject are able to easily affect the person in front of him, and he admires himself. It has a structure that communicates very easily with people, is friendly, social-loving and socially desirable.

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