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(May 21 – June 21)

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Gemini is extremely talented in communication and transmission. However, twins who have difficulty concentrating, who want to do a lot of things at once and get bored quickly experience problems that are an extension of these characteristics in business life. Twins who are very mobile, restless and easily adaptable have great successes in areas that require different mobility, rather than routine work.

The success of human relations causes the twins to naturally assume the mediator role in the business world. It will be useful for a twin to work in a position as a beekeeper, so that the twins who are often hard pressed to complete the work they are enthusiastically can be more successful.

The passion for leadership is not for the inexhaustible twins, but rather for enriching and improving their colleagues by teaching, teaching, and communicating what they know. She accepts new ideas, developments and projects with joy and enthusiasm. The twins who think too fast and apply quickly are also likely to have problems because other people can not keep up with them.

The office of the twins resembles a communication base, equipped with a couch with all kinds of communicative means. Books, newspapers, magazines are waiting for a heap of piles to be read. Gemini is very successful in trade, education, communication, media and the public. The scholastic side is very strong, twins, teachers, educators and researchers can reach very advanced levels. Writing and librarianship are also quite suitable for Gemini.

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