Tube Baby Treatment And Cancer Related

Tube Baby Treatment And Cancer Related

There has been a considerable decline in the number of people who have been pregnant by the normal way in recent years. Couples who marry late in life, especially with financial worries, often realize that they can not become pregnant by normal means when they decide to become mothers and fathers after waiting for adherence to marriage. In recent years, there has been a serious demand for IVF centers as an important indicator of understanding that many factors are influenced, but consequently it is difficult to conceive normally. This increase in the method of in vitro fertilization has also triggered cancer in the wake of questions. The negative effect of estrogen hormone is known to everyone, especially when considering breast cancers.

According to experts of gynecological diseases; “Hormone drugs used to raise eggs during treatment do not have the risk of making cancer.”

Tube Baby Treatment And Cancer Related

Although there is uncertainty about the high dose of estrogen hormone that results in breast cancer during ovarian stimulation, research has shown that there is no need to worry about it.

Rising Estrogen Hormone Returned to Normality in Several Days

The primary target in IVF treatment is egg enlargement. Eggs are stimulated in treatment and every growing egg increases blood estrogen level. Depending on the number of eggs, estrogen levels may rise up to 5-10 times normal. Although this rising estrogen hormone is claimed to lead to breast cancer, there is still no explanation for these judicial evidence.

Can a Woman Have Breast Cancer After Tube Baby Treatment?

There was no difference between the cases with breast cancer in two years after in vitro fertilization and the cases with breast cancer in any period of life. However, in high-risk patients with breast cancer history in their family or first-degree relatives, or in those who have not yet been diagnosed with breast cancer, high levels of estrogen may accelerate the development of breast cancer to become clinically apparent.

Is It Possible To Be a Mother After Cancer?

People who have had breast cancer may have been deeply concerned when it comes to the mother. However, it is possible that people who have had breast cancer can have a baby with the tube baby method without increasing the risk. In these patients, ovarian stimulation is provided by using drugs which are used in breast cancer treatment and which do not increase estrogen level very much. By these means, pregnancy can be provided easily, and at the same time the risk of recurrence of breast cancer is eliminated.

Tube Baby Treatment And Cancer Related

Tube Baby And Cancer Risk

A minimal increase in ovarian cancer has been observed as the ovaries are stimulated in IVF treatments. This increase in the borderline ovarian tumors is not at a feared level when all patients are examined.

The risk of cancer of the uterus (endometrium cancer) or cervical cancer (cervix cancer) is not determined. It has emerged that IVF treatments did not trigger cancer risk according to the investigations.

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