TripAdvisor Traveler different types and Booking Trends Investigates

TripAdvisor Traveler different types and Booking Trends Investigates

TripAdvisor has allocated to different groups according to the browser’s behavior. The company’s ongoing journey shift indicator (Trip Barometer) within the Ipsos research company was commissioned to reveal a different browser profiles.

6 in forefront research results:

Value seekers will know that he named group of mostly ages 25-34. These people are traveling with kids and they love their beach vacation. This segment wants to get the maximum amount of vacation and doing research on smart phones.

In luxury travelers, spending a lot like doing this name suggests. This group generally likes the seaside resort city tour of availability between 25-49 years.

Social travelers entering the 25-49 age range in the group and moving others. monthly income of this sector is between middle and high choices are influenced by rumors and suggestions. These people also love the beach resorts such as previous cuts.

The independent traveler likes to travel alone and are looking for adventure. 25-49 age range in this segment and recognize different cultures and expectations of the holidays make calls over the internet.

Researchers in 25-49 age group is in the range include navigating to where people spend a lot of time to research on what to do to stay in the resort. These people are usually people with high gain and therefore can spend a huge amount to live on something special.

Standing travelers, located between 35 and 64 years old. go to the same place continuously low income and profitable men are usually traveling alone.

The other part of the study examines the booking habits to identify the four different scenarios.

First flight for those who book before planning while other areas of this trip, who begins the book by making reservations at the hotel where they were and research planning.

who book more balanced between the two is doing research about them before committing to any of them. Those who book more rambling way of booking the place does not do research beforehand and accounted for 52% of the mass of this business.

Airline technology specialist SITA’s airports determined to uncover the source of stress and unhappiness 4 passenger group, for example if we think, for the first time customers of the travel company survey does not count the grouping work based on their behavior.

TripAdvisor and the other findings of the study conducted by Ipsos different age groups that travel planning and booking process to reveal how it all started. Why they choose a particular destination and a source of information in the same way that play a role in this election is taking place in the survey results.

Trip Barometer study by research company Ipsos for TripAdvisor and this online survey in June and more than 36,000 people participated during the month of July.

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