Trees and Benefits

Trees and Benefits

Benefits for Nature and People

The benefits of trees to our most basic oxygen supply are endless. For no human being can not live without oxygen for producing oxygen in the world and we need nature and doubt is infinite tree.

To explain the advantages and benefits of the production of oxygen in the tree would be logical to give you an example. Hill about 20 meters tall and 13 meters wide with a diameter of a tree produces oxygen until approximately 2 people can live for a year. 1 person about 53 liters per hour, is about 464 280 liters of oxygen consumed during the first year. Therefore, one tree produced approximately 1,000,000 liters of oxygen. Apart from that tree uses carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. Again, a tree uses carbon dioxide as a car is about 40,000 km per year by releasing neck.

These benefits of trees in our lives that we look at the data and mathematical calculations and benefits can be understood easily. In addition to these there are many more benefits of tree:

A wooded area approximately 60 meters wide, around the noise coming out of the open road is absorbed up to 25-30 decibels. This can occur due to lack of sound absorption coefficient of bare land and tree trunks.

Located in a forest of trees it means for dozens of species of birds nest. This is why the increase in the development of habitats and species will provide environmental impact as well as by the increase of the animal species.

After a while, the destruction of the spilled powder by appearing again indebted to the forest. Forests prevent contamination of the environment by keeping the body in about 25-55 tons of dust each year.

All that occur in major cities around the world and the biggest problem with growing approximately 60% of the air pollution in the country are cleaned by forests. If this cleaning was not occurring would be very difficult to live in the world.

Rain will tend to move and flow soil becomes liquid after oil. Trees and forests so that water through the soil, tree trunks and pulled the displacement of the fertile soil is prevented from being destroyed.

Materials and if we tried to explain briefly to count the trees and therefore will end more benefits of forests.

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