Toothache in pregnancy

Toothache in pregnancy

Those who have toothache in pregnancy

Dental pain during pregnancy, loss of calcium from maternal teeth during pregnancy, and a belief that every mother will lose a tooth in every pregnancy. But it is also a fact that there will be some changes in oral health during pregnancy. The most important change is the increase in estrogen and progesterone hormone levels, which is related to the increase in plaque buildup on the teeth. If the plaque is not removed, it causes gum inflammation. This position is called “pregnancy gingivitis”. The gums are red, volume-wise, sensitive and hemorrhagic.

This table affects the majority of pregnant women in various second-quarter periods. If gingivitis is present, the severity may increase during pregnancy and periodontitis may progress if it is not cured. Pregnant women are at risk of developing a “pregnancy tumor” with it. These are inflammatory lesions that occur due to the irritation of gingival growth. Often it is left to itself, if the patient is uncomfortable or if it prevents chewing, brushing and other oral care procedures, it should be taken by a dentist. What is useful to the toothache in pregnancy is the response of the subject, one of the most important questions that is expected to be answered as a mother who is very interested in pregnancy. The reason is that there will be no intervention and prevention that can be done to a normal individual and to someone who is pregnant. Precautions taken by mistakes and unknown methods can cause serious problems for both the baby and the mother. The problem of toothache is a very important problem that can be confronted by mothers who are pregnant and who are pregnant.

Since pregnant mothers will spend a lot of calcium on their babies’ growth, these teeth will cause weakness.

What kind of dental problems are prevented during pregnancy?

The gums can be prevented by effectively cleaning and cleaning the gums. Every day at least 2 times, in every possible situation, after every meal teeth should be brushed. Daily cleaning of teeth should be done using floss. If premature toothbrushing is uncomfortable, the mouth should be rinsed with water or anti-plaque and fluoride gaiters. Vitamin C and vitamin B12 supplements along with moderate nutrition are also important to maintain oral health.

Suggestions for mouth and dental health in pregnant candidates

Take care of your mouth and dental care: Too much belching in pregnancy, the formation of bacteria in the mouth every day this day to form plaque and tartar, then tooth decay is inviting.

Use carnations: Carapilin will soothe your tooth stem cells that cause pain by soothing and calming effect and in a short time it will help you to relax and feel better.

Drink plenty of water: In the mouth, since the mother and the child can prepare a base for the formation of the bacteria associated with it, the mother should absolutely consume the normal amount of water consumption by dividing by the intermediate meals.

Show your interest to the nurse: The individual should avoid consuming very sugary foods during pregnancy.

Have a dental exam: Mothers who are pregnant should be careful as they go to their dentist carefully.

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