To lose weight in a short time

To lose weight in a short time

Is it possible to lose weight in a short time?

Obviously the answer to this question is that almost all of the city people who have become obese are curious about more than half today. According to experts, this is not biologically possible, although we can see that it is possible to lose weight fast in some ways. Are there many disadvantages of losing weight fast?
Of course there is. Let’s examine these details together.

How to lose weight?

The answer to the question of how to lose weight is in the question of how to lose weight. In nature, people and animals have this possibility. However, it is not possible for animals not directed by humans to be obese. For example, a stray cat is quite difficult to be fat, while most home cats are obese. This is because; This is because people feed their pets wrongly and over. In their natural environment, while living things feed and feed properly, people in urban life gain weight, like soldering iron.

So the first step to lose weight is to move as much as our nature requires. If you spend enough energy, you will not be able to gain weight. Besides, you need to be fed as much as you need and avoid excessive consumption. Otherwise, while maintaining a lifestyle that you do not spend enough energy on, you will cause your calories to turn into fat.

To lose weight is actually very simple

To lose weight fast is not a physiologically correct method. According to experts, it is appropriate to lose up to 4-5 pounds per month, every gram you will give it will cause different health problems. Moreover, 5 kilos per month is not less than a figure. In this case it is possible to give 60 kilos per year. Remember, you didn’t take your excess weight in a month. So you can’t give it in a month.

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