The Smoking in Pregnancy Loss

The Smoking in Pregnancy Loss

Cigarette smoking during pregnancy on the health of the mother and baby’s health is adversely affected. There are many harmful chemicals in cigarettes. The mother in this matter and carbon monoxide and nicotine are threatening the baby’s health. Smoker mothers during pregnancy, smoking cessation and continues it will affect the lives of more babies from the mother in this case. During pregnancy, miscarriage and premature birth is common in people who smoke. At the same time in the womb, the baby’s mother that even a single cigarette use while pregnant is affected. If the mother does not smoke and is found in non-affected babies to the media used the same way in this case.

The Smoking in Pregnancy Loss

Preterm Birth Risk: A normal pregnancy lasts 38 to 40 weeks usually. But recent research has indicated that they do fill the mother of premature birth and 38 weeks smokers. This means that smoking is one of the bad habits that cause premature birth.

Intrauterine Growth Retardation: Of mothers during pregnancy decreases the benefits of oxygen and nutrients to the baby by smoking. In this case also stops running and the development of the tiny infant development or regression.

Hypertension: Located nicotine addicts and people who cause in cigarettes leads to shrinkage of the vessels. Vasoconstrictor and shrink nicotine hypertension being of the mother during pregnancy and give rise to blood pressure to rise. This is getting her baby’s diet affects the health of the baby in a bad way and threatens the health of the mother at the same time. Mother caused to undergo such an unhealthy pregnancy process also prevents the infant’s development.

Preeclampsia: Excessive protein in the urine, preeclampsia during pregnancy, a condition that can cause problems such as edema and high blood pressure in the body. People between the preeclampsia condition is called pregnancy poisoning. Threatening the life of the baby in this case is frequent in mothers who consume more cigarettes.

Early separation of the placenta: In normal pregnancy, the placenta in a smooth progressive process must be allocated to the realization of labor. During pregnancy, the placenta but left early in smoker mothers of premature birth can take place. In this case mothers in serious bleeding and can cause various problems.

Premature: The time is called early for babies from premature babies. Baby’s several complications and problems with premature birth. This is literally the beginning of the problem income can not complete the whole development of the baby yet. Babies born early have done a lot of mothers who smoke can be a time premetür.

Premature rupture of membranes: The mothers of the water normally required to be delivered in the opening of the pouch is opened at an earlier time. This causes the baby to be born earlier. Then water taken from the womb of the pop-up pouch or place of birth. Baby would have arrived early at the world fill the birth week.

Loss of Baby Other Smoking in Pregnancy—

● Different diseases in babies of mothers who smoke can occur. At the beginning of this disease comes from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma.

● During pregnancy, especially the lack of attention in babies of mothers using excessive smoking, it looks learning difficulties and hyperactivity problems in infants.

● Mental and physical health problems seen in babies.

● Much higher risk of death seen in the infant after birth, mothers who smoke.

● ——Dead and ranks among the most common problems of premature birth.

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