The greatest risk in Messenger chat logs

The greatest risk in Messenger chat logs

Facebook Messenger chat logs in the past it was learned that the deficit target for hackers.

Security researchers from George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel on Facebook have discovered that it is possible a hacker process reminiscent of the atmosphere in 1984. In the novel “The past controls the future who control; and who controls the past controls the present “in this case brings to mind the question, about changing the history of online chat logs on Facebook.

Because hackers discovered by this new open social network website or they can make the changes they want to the past on these records through Messenger chat application.

Changed records on the future course of the hackers in this direction can cause users to have a certain effect. Users use a variety of fraud, evidence of change in the official investigation and a PC or phone to place malware on some of the things that can be done with this hacking.

Hackers, according to the statement made by Roman Zaikin in this gap discovered that Check Point Software Technologies within the Facebook chat system messages they want in any conversation that so that a user, including photos, can remove the altered files or links.

But now no need to panic. Because Facebook earlier this month carried out a firmware update such codes have overcome the aforementioned open rewriting condition.

Facebook, as expected, users can now add video to explain the interpretation of messages on Facebook.

Comments from the seeds of the ability to add video was taken during the 50th hackathon organized by Facebook. Before participating in Facebook groups run another hackathon Bob Baldwin, Facebook stick to comments and photos were having a role in adding features.

Users with Facebook’s new feature is very clear that the video you want to consume more. The reason for this is that the Cisco Visual Networking Index’s 82 percent of internet video consumption in 2020, according to the report.

In addition, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2016 the number of videos watched daily on Facebook Snapchat, according to the report in 2016 in the first quarter of the previous case.

Besides all these, then we will see a message at least until the actual video in the comments.

Changes will be made soon Facebook will completely block your escape path with the Messenger. Facebook and Facebook Messenger for a long time, offer a separate application. Facebook does not want to use Messenger to chat, they could use the mobile web browser to date. But it soon understood that also eliminated this option.

Facebook who messaging through mobile web page, a warning will be removed soon began to see this option. See messages with the function of lifting, your only option to chat with friends, going to use Messenger. This annoys the phone seems to not want to install Facebook Messenger for any reason.

Messenger is special page for the desktop computer will continue to serve.

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