The Dangers Of Eating Ice

The Dangers Of Eating Ice

The heat on those hot summer days We to resolve, the more we use the ice, fondly almost every human consumes. In the warmer months, throws into almost everything we drink, and then a lot of people, just crunches place and takes great pleasure from it. Especially in the cold months of winter, some people even eat out of the refrigerator.

It has become a habit in some people, eating ice a lot and can’t stop himself. Some people think this is just for pregnant women, due to the lack of iron, the soil of clay, such as rice is similar to eating ingredients. If you are unable to obtain yourself from eating your Ice under it iron deficiency may be the cause. Most recently, a health care provider and a blood test are at a high risk shot to the head. In addition, there is some damage to human health of eating ice.

The disadvantages of eating ice field are as follows:

In hot weather, when you eat ice, your body warm and would reduce at a time, as too much salt causes the body to be thrown and creates a steam effect and mineral.

Food and ice in hot weather and in cold weather a severe cold which causes it to propagate.

Especially people who have a sensitivity tonsillar, throat inflammation and fever can cause discomfort.

A sweaty people who eat ice, Ak usutere lungs, in the month of August, like is stuck in the cold of February, they may be seriously ill.

His teeth crush it and eat it with a piece of hard ice, gives severe damage to the teeth and can cause tooth decay.

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