The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

Contrary to what you might think, the first examples of the Apple Store did not appear many years ago. The first two Apple Store stores were opened in 2001 by Steve Jobs. After only 16 years, Apple not only became a giant brand, but over 400 stores worldwide. Similar standards were followed in all Apple stores. All Apple Store stores had gates with a clean glass panel, lighting from the front to the back of the store, and the same shelves and fairy tales.

This standard has been such a big success that Apple even patented the box-shaped architectural design in 2013. It’s one of the most understated best in showcasing the thoughtful design in Apple store chains. So what are some of the coolest Apple Store stores that have won the most acclaim all over the world and what are their prominent features?

#1: Manhattan SoHo – New York City, ABD

The Apple Store in Manhattan was Apple’s first Apple store in New York City. The most notable feature of the interior design, which is mainly made from opaque glass, was glass float.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

You should admit that these staircases, completed with opaque glass and stainless non-marking materials, still look minimalist and modern after 15 years. There is no doubt that the success of this store is a great inspiration for the next Apple stores.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

#2: Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica – California

From the outside, the Apple Store is one of the world’s most acclaimed Apple stores. Front design is made entirely of glass, using standard Apple design.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

#3: Highland Village, Houston – Texas

The Highland Village store, which uses ordinary Apple design, differs from other designs in that the front and back surfaces are made of glass. At first glance it looks pretty cool, is not it? Unfortunately, it is not possible to say the same in terms of cost.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

An attacker who can not be identified on May 1, 2012, caused damage to the Apple Store by firing on the wall. Glass walls developed with a patch for a period of time were later replaced with new ones. If you are thinking that glass is not the right choice for such structures, yes you are right.

#4: Wangfujing, Beijing – China

The Apple Store in Wangfujing uses sloping glass surfaces on both the roof and the front. The building, the third Apple Store in Beijing, has been restored later, according to Apple’s design standards, to ensure its current status. The Apple Store in Wangfujing, which is 2300 square meters in size, is one of the largest Apple stores in Asia.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

#5: Pudong – Shanghai – China

Pudong, which stands out as the second Apple Store to open in China, draws attention with its completely different design. Customers enter the glass-door through the glass door and then follow the spiral-shaped stairs down to the underground store.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

According to Riva, the entrance was completely different from the original design idea of the store, but Steve Jobs managed to persuade by discussing with the architect about the cylindrical shape of the entrance section. As a result, the Apple Store has emerged with this great introduction.

#6: Fifth Avenue (5th Avenue) – New York – USA

The Apple Store, located on America’s famous Fifth Avenue, has a glass entrance, just like in China. The only difference is that it looks like a square box when viewed from a distance instead of the glass entrance circle in this structure.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

Opened for the first time in 2006, the Apple Store has been closed for a short period of restoration work. During the restoration phase the entrance was enlarged and the glass cube was enlarged. Strengthened and made more transparent, the Apple Store soon became available again.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

#7: Zorlu, Istanbul – Turkey

The tough Apple Store was the first Apple Store to open in Turkey in 2014. Behind Apple’s highly acclaimed campus design, Foster and Partners’s design is one of the underground stores with LED lighting.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

Thanks to the space left on the top, it was wanted to get as natural sunlight as possible. And to remind you, the Zorlu Apple Store, which succeeded in biting the lip with its design, has embraced many design awards around the world for the year it was founded.

The Best Apple Store Locations in the World

#8: Covent Garden, London – England

The building used by the Apple Store in Covent Garden was used as a hotel during the 19th century. The building, which was a brick-and-mortar building, was undergoing a major renovation before it became an Apple Store. As a result, this wonderful nostalgic structure of history and technology blended together.

During the Apple revision, the construction of the glass details and the addition of the glass stairs to the extras were not forgotten.

#9: Opera, Paris – France

In the Apple Store in France, Apple followed a different path and preferred to use wood and metals that were nature-friendly instead of high-quality glass. Opera’s Apple Store, which only uses windows and glass on its ceiling, is one of Apple’s most unique stores.

Do not mislead the name of the store because the building used was not an Opera at all. The building, which has been used for different purposes for years, has been used as a bank for a long time after 1920’s.

#10: Jungfernstieg, Hamburg – Germany

Jungfernstieg branch, Apple’s seventh store in Germany, uses the usual glass design. One of the city’s most noteworthy buildings, the building used to be the most famous jewelery store in the area before it became an Apple Store.

Which of the Apple stores has succeeded in winning your appreciation for winning the acclaimed game all over the world?

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