The Art of Influencing Men


Ways to Influence and Seduce the Boys

A woman wants to be seduced by a man, to live hidden secrets, to show her will, love and compassion, to wrap her up, to give her confidence and hope, but she does not think these desires can be in man. He always wants to see his man as willing and ready. Men, on the other hand, are made of bone, and they want to be seduced, just like women, occasionally.

For ages, the female man thought of how to seduce a male woman. Women and men have often worked on seductive ways, created complex theories and tried to apply them. In fact, human history has shown us that we do not need very complicated things to seduce each other. The ways of seduction may vary from man to man, from country to country, depending on the training received. In fact, many things can be enough to seduce men. For example, a sexy blonde, a mini skirt, a tight outfit that reveals the body, provocative and impressive talking, wearing underwear under the garment and showing it to a man or telling his or her ear with an impressive tone of voice can provide many things to seduce men. Sometimes these may not be enough, but the most important thing to do in this case is to be able to address men’s unconscious. For this, women should be a bit bad for men, for fear of losing a man should be tasted, a little crazy, chewing the rules, hard in bed and sharing fantasies. There are other ways of addressing a man unconsciously, if they would sort them out;

-Love respect and trust: The way to seduce a man is to trust him, to love him and to respect him. Men are not afraid of themselves, they like women who trust, love and respect. The fact that these processes are first to be seduced is actually the basis of seduction. That’s because everyone in the relationship is looking for them. When a woman has these, she can easily give the opposite man the message “3 beauty is what you are looking for” and it makes it easier for her to attract the man.

-Self-maintenance is important: Men are very influenced by women who know how to look after them and who give importance to their appearance. A good makeup, the hands are well-groomed and the hair has a nice looking appearance will be enough to impress the man. A man finds it hard to take a look at a beautiful, well-groomed woman, as he looks at him and asks for it. It is noteworthy that a clean, attentive and well-groomed woman who prefers new showers, smelling, self-confident, high heels and shoes with exposed fingers and sexy outfits. But contrary to what you might imagine, it has been revealed through investigations that it is not enough to wear sexy clothes to tempt the man. Sometimes a t-shirt on top of you might be seduction material. A perfume that is compatible with your body, a color that fits the woman, can take the feelings of your man to shower together.

-First step: There is always the belief that people should throw their first step in man. But this is a hoax. To take the first step is to show the individual the love of his / her love, desire and desire. If you take the first step and excite the woman to show love, interest and desire, the man excites and pushes towards the woman. The first step is to look sexy. Because glances can express many things.

-Know the man to be seduced: Another way to seduce is to know the personality traits of the person to be seduced. Knowing a man means knowing what excites him and his fantasies. When a woman knows what she likes and does not like about a woman’s personality traits, it will be easier to create seduction tactics. For example, if the man’s favorite color is blue and he can not control his male feelings when he sees this color, wearing this color-dressing garment can make it easier for the woman to seduce that man. At this stage, women should not be afraid of fantasy, should be comfortable and free. Because fancy is indispensable to build sex. If a woman wants to influence a man, she should tell her the fantasies she has set up and freely tell her what she wants to do, which will make them both happy. For example, the fantasy of having sex in front of a mirror will provoke every man to provoke. Because this fantasy man will enjoy a different pleasure as he provides both self and the woman who is with him.

-Contact: Everyone wants to understand and agree. One way to seduce a man is to show that she understands her and values her. Using the right means of communication, prejudice, criticism, distracting, can make you feel the message of “I understand you and I accept it as it is”. Men are as emotional as women, and a man who feels it is not understood can look more positively towards a woman who keeps them alive. It is also one of the important details that tempts a man to talk about the same issues with a man. The woman may be interested in talking about the issues of making sexy associations with mildly gentle thoughts, talking to erotic subjects, sweet sweet smile, focusing on the topic she is talking about, covering her with the outside world, making a few correct comments on sports and telling her how hot the sport is.

-Give value: A woman can be a head crown that gives a feeling “you are a very special and valuable person”. Everyone needs to feel that they are valuable. Generally, women think this feeling is theirs, and they want the man to do actions that just make them feel valued. You can experience the feeling of worthiness to the woman man, and the love and interest of the man can give infinite to the woman. The man who feels attractive, feels desire, can run towards the woman who gives them these feelings.

-Compliment: The woman always wants to hear that her own body enjoys, the softness of the skin, the pleasing of her breasts, the pleasure of her hymen, and she does not think she can be such a wish. However, men also need to hear their appearance, the width of their shoulders, the smoothness of their stomach, the smell of their skin. Though his appearance is not very handsome, every man has a beautiful side and it makes him happy to hear that he is liked. The more the woman likes her body, the more she can show her love, the more she feels excited when she sees her, the more she will seduce her man. Besides, everything will be very nice when she shows her how much she wants, how she misses her phone and tells her how much she misses, how to say nice and intrusive words, and when she gets home in the evening, she gets to meet her with a sexy costume. Finally, the woman must emotionally express her love with approval words. Oral compliments or words of appreciation convey love in a strong way and when approved words are taken, the male is motivated to get in the way.

-Suitable environment: Another way to influence a man is also the ideal environment. In an environment where safe, calm, appropriate music is available, clean, and the temperature is good, the woman can easily keep all the attention on her own, and she can also attract the man and give it the message he wants.

-Mature state of mind: One of the most important factors tempting a man is his mood. It is hard to seduce an angry, angry man who has had a bad day, tired, stressful, a great loss. Therefore, it may be necessary to wait for the appropriate time. In this case, the friendly support that the woman will give her in her troubled moments will also help her seduce her man when conditions become available.

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