Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope


(April 20 – May 20)

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Executive Planet: Venus
Element: Soil
Quality: Constant
Lucky numbers: 6, 4
Day: Friday
Lucky stone: Emerald
Color: Pastel blue, lila
Tarot card: Empress
Animal: Bull
Plant: Apple, cypress, violet, poppy
Valuable stone: Topaz
Precious metal: Virgin

Positive Features: Practical, reliable. There are harmonious, tolerant, strong value judgments. Determined. He is fond of sanity and beauty. There are strong desires. Friendly. It will have money. It gives importance to emotions.

Negative Features: Lazy. She’s self-indulgent. Static. Boring. Not flexible enough. Lack of originality, infatuation. Squeamish.

Bull Team Star (Astronomy)
The first dean of the constellation of Taurus is Orion constellation. In addition to Amos and Homer, there are also Rigel and Bellatrix stars to the south of the Ecliptic. In the second dean, the Eridonus team star is found, while in the last dean, the Auriga is identified with the bastion.

General Characteristics of Bull Woman

The bullish woman stands out with her quiet, calm and proud stance. There is a realistic and authoritarian attitude. It attracts attention with its state and attitude in the environment. He is ambitious and will do his best to reach something he dreams of. It depends on their habits and they do not like disloyalty.

Taurus is very sensitive and fragile from emotional point of view. Whenever someone values it, he always does his best. He does not like infidelity. It is a soft heart, with the appearance of being cold from the outside. Work it up and take it to the end when you start a job.

Taurus gives more importance to material comfort. But he does not like to risk himself too much in the entrepreneurial work. He is merciful and helpful. Love and respect are very important for him in heart relations. He is single-minded and becomes a faithful wife. He likes to eat in his spare time, listen to music and work with crafts. The bull witch woman is at home. He does not like unrest. They like it more than gifts.

Bull Male General Features

Taurus is notorious for his stubborn, hardworking, moving and calm man. There is a very moving person underneath this calm look. When they are angry they become quite stubborn and will not compromise because they think in no way.

The Taurus is bound to a man’s house and is a harmonious one. At the same time there is a warm bond between the children and a good father. It is so hard and disciplined. He is very impressed with his work. It keeps running until the end.

It is physically structured and healthy, but the neck region is the weakest region. He has to pay attention to his health. Because it is much more susceptible than you look.

Taurus is quite appreciated by the opposite sex of the man. He is loyal to the relationship and self-sacrificing in every sense. Luxurious life and comfortable life are more than enjoyed. Generous, but not extravagant. The most loyal friends come out of the bull-men.

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