Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Love

Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Love

Plastic surgery to look after yourself, multivitamins or had a much more enjoyable way to drink the water from the hairy fruit from Tibet. Generally, this method is called love, offers long-term health concessions.

Love increases intelligence. Being in love has a calming effect on the mind and body. It helps to restore the nervous system and improves memory by triggering the growth of new brain cells.

It helps to fight cancer. According to a study conducted in the University of Iowa, who feel a strong connection to others from patients with ovarian cancer or not naturally stronger than those living a satisfying relationship is getting annoying cell activity. (The desired white blood cells as part of the immune system destroys the cancerous cells are killed)

Immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems is helpful. Benefits aside, we can be in a position to pay the cost if we do not live in love. Research shows that love the immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems would neutralize the harmful affects of negative emotions.

Your heart is good. The brain is firing talking about someone you find attractive and sends impulses to the heart to normal quickly thrown 3 times. Winding according to a study conducted at the University of North Carolina and couples located in close physical contact involving the speech, with higher levels of oxytocin – the hormone of love. Women also lower blood pressure.

It lets you live longer. social isolation caused by lack of love increases the risk of premature death from the 5th floor. Love, keeping it away from depression, strengthening the immune system, improves our standard of living improving our mental health and extend life.

It helps in reducing cholesterol. The lower your cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol to express love. According to a research close friends, relatives or loved cast their feelings about the man owned the paper with lowering cholesterol in people significantly.

Love is the elixir of youth. When he’s endorphins secreted by the body, which increases blood flow to the skin of the skin soft, smooth thing that prevents hair and wrinkles.

What about sex? Regular sex has many benefits: developed sense of smell, reduced risk of heart disease, weight loss and forms of protection, keep away from depression, pain, fever and flu prevention, healthier prostate.

And marriage. According to a study conducted at Harvard University, 20% of married women and men up to 200 per cent per cent of heart disease, suicide, decreasing the risk of dying from stress-related illnesses such as cirrhosis.

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