Scorpion Sex


(23 October – 21 November)

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Sex / Sexual life

Featuring a magnet-like charm, the Scorpio is imitated with sexuality in the Zodiac. Since Scorpio is responsible for the common use of all resources, it symbolizes the sharing of the body of the primary resources. Although Scorpio is not understood from the outside, it is extremely emotional. As a result of an emotionally active life, it also opens the doors of an active sexual life. When scorpions are aware of their own attraction, they never hesitate to use it to get the people they want.

For a Scorpio it is not possible to experience platonic level without the love for sexual sharing. A person who is deeply thinking and living, Scorpio wants to share everything with the person he loves and to know every moment of him. Since it has a very high sexual power, it is usually from the opposite side. It is very difficult to strike your passions on your passions. Sexuality can live anywhere at any time.

The imaginary world of Scorpio is very intense. She shares her fantasies with her partner and puts them into practice. Using aphrodisiacs, creating stimulants that no one can think of, are natural parts of Scorpio’s sexual life. As he has a structure that investigates, he knows the anatomical structure of the opposite sex as much as his own body to the smallest detail and behaves accordingly. This causes the irresistible sexual attraction of Scorpio to become indispensable. She has a style that likes to be dominant in sexuality.

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