Scorpio Love


(23 October – 21 November)

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From the moment he first meets the scorpion, he gets irresistibly to the domain. Scorpio is quite attractive and has a mysterious structure. In fact, what appears on the surface is that they only want to see the other side. It may look direct and even a bit challenging, but it is very fragile and sensitive at the bottom. Scorpion takes love very seriously and expects people to love and appreciate.

At the beginning of the scorpion associates, he prefers to have shorter term and not too deep connections. Because Scorpio wound is a feature that prefers to keep people away from themselves for fear of being hurt. If Scorpio has a long-term relationship, he will do his utmost to give his wife financially and emotionally security.

It may be a positive step for Scorpio to go swimming together on the first date, to select a social activity, or the environments in which people come together. Scorpio loves people who listen and try to understand themselves. He wants the other person to give his full attention to himself. In fact, it is very difficult to argue with Scorpio people, but if they are disrespectful or insensitive, they can easily become aggressive. He also hates to be dominated and seen as a wife.

You should never forget that he took a very jealous and protective attitude towards the person he chose to spend his life with. He will look for a partner who can give love during his life, is rich-hearted and can provide the safety he is looking for. He always doesn’t hesitate to use energy in order to satisfy his needs by valuing the feelings and thoughts of the person he faces.

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