Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope


(23 October – 21 November)

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Executive Planet: Pluto-Mars
Element: Water
Quality: Constant
Lucky numbers: 2, 4
Day: Wednesday
Lucky stone: Topaz
Color: Dark red, wine, eggplant purple
Tarot card: Death
Animal: Scorpion and other underground creatures
Plant: Acacia, chrysanthemum, azalea
Valuable stone: Turquoise, serpentine
Precious metal: Plutonium

Positive Sides: Confidant. It doesn’t make sense. True friend. Charming. Strong. Sex symbol. Hardworking. Stable. Do not forget. Strong intuition. Strong emotions. High image. Understanding. Careful. High analysis power. Love. Regret.

Negative Side: Vindictive. Skeptical. Jealous. Squeamish. Headstrong. Silent. Like Scorpio. Poisonous. Cynical. Egocentric. Passionate.

Scorpion Team Star (Astronomy)

At the top of the Scorpio constellation is the Ophiuchus-Ophiuchen, the Hercules and the Cerberus-Trick’s Three-Headed Dog, including three deans. All of these are under the Scorpio constellation. The brightest star in the Hercules star cluster is Ras el Gethi.

General Features of Scorpio Woman

The woman of Scorpio attracts attention with her attractive, ambitious, intelligent and intuitive structure. He has a nice temperament, and although he seems humble and kind, he is so proud and proud.

Jealousy exists in the temperament of the woman of the scorpion. He may be jealous of everything that is superior to him or that he cannot have. His friendship is very important to him. She has influenced friends all the time. She hates lying. When he feels he is lying, he prefers to stay away from it. He is honest and he attaches great importance to honesty.

The proud scorpion woman absolutely does not compromise on the things she knows correctly. He is brave and keeps trying until he breaks what he holds. It does not accept the failure in any way. The most negative aspect is that they are skeptical. He treats everyone with a strange skepticism. It doesn’t trust the other side easily. Although he moves with logic, he is deeply emotional.

The goodness of the woman Scorpio also cannot forget the evil. His sense of vengeance is very advanced. He does not prefer to be silent about the people around him.

Scorpio woman attracts the opposite sex with her natural charm. In a relationship, first of all, it gives importance to love and respect. He is overwhelmed with jealousy. If the man is respectful and ambitious, he will do everything in his power to make his wife happy. The sense of ownership is highly developed.

The woman of Scorpio may be happy for life with a man she loves with lov. Responsible for the relationship. In general, the child does not want a child, but if the child has a responsible mother will be a perfect.

General Features of Male Scorpio

Scorpio male attracts attention with its desireful, determined, emotional and sensitive structure. Even though it looks cheerful and moving, it has a pessimistic state. He is extremely fond of the pleasures of life. It is particularly vulnerable to food, alcoholic beverages and sexuality.

Scorpio male man is skeptical about everyone and everything. It does not trust anyone easily. Gives much importance to the money. Because it thinks that the material acquired power gives confidence.

The man who loves criticism doesn’t like being criticized. It is open and reliable. He cares a lot about his friends. Unselfish.

The look of the Scorpio male is very effective. They can easily express their feelings and thoughts to the other side. Can understand and interpret all the details about the personality of the people around. The ability to analyze has improved.

He is quite jealous of his bilateral relations and he is overly embraced by his wife. He wants to be proud of his wife. When she decides to marry, she will be a passionate, passionate, loyal and harmonious spouse trying to fulfill all of her spouse’s wishes. The Scorpio male is a good wife, and a loving and a good father to his children.

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