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(23 October – 21 November)

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The Scorpio zodiac in the constant and water element is related to all the constructive and destructive functions in the body. It is a bushing associated with the removal of irreversible secretions in the body. Depth, sensuality and intensity are the main features of Scorpio. Because Scorpio lives very emotionally and deeply, but is forced to shoot it out, and because it makes a lot of effort to stay strong, it does not say easily “sick”.

Scorpio primarily manages the lower parts of the kidneys, the lower sides of the adrenal glands and the reproductive organs, as well as the nasal bones. As responsible for the adaptation process of the fetus, it is also responsible for all regeneration processes in the body. Scorpions are more prone to diseases associated with genital organs, bladder, urethra, prostate, colon, rectum, nasal bones.

Scorpion must be careful against genital problems, venereal diseases, kidney stones, nasal inflammation, polyps, and gland diseases, and must protect itself from a insidious ΓΌ diseases, which are prone to confidentiality first. In addition, diseases, such as hernia, fistula, hemorrhoids, reproductive organs, and injuries can also be observed. A food regime with plenty of onion and garlic, spicy food will be beneficial for the health of the scorpion. Among the items to be used by Scorpio, the selection of the ones made of very hard mines, the use of jewelery made of topaz and seashells will provide peace, health and success.

Tea and homemade medicines prepared with herbs such as mustard, black pepper, anemone, marshmallow, garlic, devil turnip, stinging nettle and laurel are also useful. Especially the plants of anemones, shrubs and gardenia Scorpio. Black, burgundy, dark blue, dark blue, dark green, such as light absorbing clothes, Scorpio is both very nice and also helps you feel happy. Scorpio is very likely to be successful in sports that can test your own strength. Especially suitable for activities such as athletics, weightlifting, hunting, swimming and diving. It is also necessary to take into account the sensitivity of the neck area with the opposite effect of the bull sign.

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