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(23 October – 21 November)

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Diet & Fitness

The metabolism of Scorpio under the influence of the very fast moving Pluto and the combative Mars is fast. Scorpio, which always needs an exit point for its deep feelings and impulses, has serious control over its physical appearance with its stable structure. From the moment the decision is made, he cannot eat anything that should not be put in his mouth.

Long-distance running, swimming, sailing, diving, even boxing are the most ideal sporting activities for Scorpio. The people of Scorpio who love to act alone and loneliness are tired of team games and group activities, although they love competition. Alternative physical activities such as yoga and meditation are also suitable for Scorpio if they have learned and embraced the mystery, philosophy. Another suitable physical activity is sexuality. Known to have an important role in the life of sexuality, Scorpio, bodily sharing does not live as long as it needs, both physically and spiritually experienced difficulties.

A diet that includes marine products and minerals will be extremely useful. Root plants that grow under the ground should also constitute an important part of the diet of Scorpio. Sufficient fluid consumption should also be controlled.

Acupuncture is also a very suitable treatment and support system. Scorpion man, who is extremely resistant to pain, does not even feel acupuncture needles. Acupuncture is a unique method of creating the yin-yang balance of the body. Adding acupuncture support to its stability, Scorpio achieves its ideal physical balance in a very short time. A slimming regimen containing dried foods will help to alleviate water in the cells and reduce the lipid. Whichever type of diet is applied, Scorpio is resilient and definitely reaches its target. In addition to dry foods, fluid consumption and occasional water cure will also provide great benefits.

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