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(23 October – 21 November)

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As the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio symbolizes the eighth stage of the evolutionary adventure of man in the cosmos. The basic motif of Scorpio is to solve the mysteries in the life-death cycle and to understand and control human emotions. Although not all Scorpions are curious about the mysteries of life and death, they are certainly interested in mysteries at some point in their lives. In particular, people have a great curiosity about the mechanism of life. Physical and spiritual regeneration capabilities and powers are incredibly large. In time, these abilities are used to give healing to other people.

Like other stable signs, Scorpio is reluctant and resilient to changes that are not in their own initiative. However, its strong and strong-willed structure is its biggest advantage in achieving its goals. Scorpio is actually a strong and dominant character, although it may seem to be easily manipulated and controlled on the surface. The key to the success of Scorpio is the deepening of everything and its analytical approach. Symbol Scorpio and eagle Scorpio people, these animals have the ability to control the incredible power and power.

The Scorpio person, who shows emotional reactions to his experiences, is later prone to reasoning, measuring the practical value of experience, and ultimately acting. Although the basic and strongest motivation in their behavior is their emotions, other water group horoscopes are not likely to be seen in the personality of Scorpio as an extreme emotionality such as Crab or Fish. He prefers to play a dominant role in relationships consciously or unconsciously and not to publicize his feelings. Although it seems very clear, each Scorpio has a mystery of its own, which it does not want to explain.

Scorpio, who dislikes control and manipulation, reacts seriously in these cases. Scorpio in a modern astrology led by Pluto is the ruler of fire, energy and war Mars, the ruler of traditional doctrine. The typical characteristics of both planes are well integrated into the Scorpio characteristics. The correct focus and concentration in the expression of Scorpio leads to the emergence of a charismatic structure. The fiery structure of Mars reveals itself in the ability of Scorpio to influence and mobilize other people.

Their intense energies from Mars are not only transformed into a movement like the Aries, but they also carry them to the emotional platform. Unless it is very necessary, Scorpion does not want to express its aggression, its struggle structure. As with all areas of his life, he also needs privacy. Scorpions, who do not like to lose, continue to pursue their ambitions, while they overcome their obstacles and achieve a stable resistance and endurance. Self-sufficiency in this struggle is one of the issues that Scorpio gives importance to.

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