Rosehip Against Cigarettes and Alcoholic Losses

Rosehip Against Cigarettes and Alcoholic Losses

It does not end with counting the damages caused by smoking and alcohol habits in our bodies. With the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol you have become addictive, many of your organs and systems are suffering great losses. We recommend that you consume the rose hip plant to heal these harms caused by smoking and alcohol. After you have left cigarettes and alcohol, you can quickly clear the damages that these two bad habits have caused. Rosehip plant has many benefits in terms of health. The greatest benefit is the repair of such harmful habits.

The rosehip plant comes from the family of smiles. Its homeland is known as Europe, Northwest Africa and Asia. It grows naturally on roadsides and forests in many countries. Rosehip plant is a plant that extends 3-4 meters. The leaves are 5-6 individual cottons and are oval shaped with a short stem and their edges are threaded. Flowers are usually light pink or whitish. The fruit has a dark red color. The oval egg-shaped fruit is noted for its fleshy husk and in-feather seeds.

Rosehip fruit that comes to the maturation phase in the fall can be produced fresh as well as dried and consumed in many different ways.
With rosehip plant; Jam, marmalade, syrup and tea are produced. Organic acids, sugar and vitamin C is very rich in terms.

Benefits of Rosehip Plant:

Rosehip plant is useful for cough, bronchitis and shortness of breath problems.
The rosehip plant contributes to balancing the level of cholesterol.
The rosehip plant provides swelling and swelling in the body.
It cleans the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol and protects the body against them.
It makes your body resistant to colds.
It gives vitality to the body by increasing its resistance.
Rosehip plant is also very useful for skin health.
It strengthens the immune system.
It is useful for the problem of hemorrhoids.
Good for coughing.
Remove urine.
She cuts the diarrhea.
It is useful for sweating.

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