“Renting boyfriend” period on the Internet

The “rental boyfriend” era started on the Internet

Dear Day we are approaching, there is a lot of interest in the rental boyfriend these days!

The web site taobao.com, which serves in China, has rented boyfriends to create an interesting business line. Rented men’s hourly rate is around $ 2, the rental fee increases according to the situation. For example, if your rented boyfriend kisses you, you pay $ 5 instead of $ 2.

Especially those who want to show that they are boyfriends, who do not want to enter Dearly Day alone, and who want to introduce their families and boyfriends (!), Apply to this site as their first job. For this reason, there is an intense interest in the country as follows.

Xue Shuai, a 22-year-old hired man who told China Daily, noted that he did not do this for money, and that he had the chance to get to know a lot of women on this count.

A Chinese woman who spoke to The Guardian and did not want to give the name to the British said she was 30 years old and that she was under pressure from her family to get married and added: “At least thanks to my boyfriend I lease, my family has stopped putting pressure on me and they think it is my darling.”

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