Reflux How is it treated?

Reflux How is it treated?

Reflux What good income?

There is food in the stomach called the flap and muscle structure that prevents the emergence of back up. This muscle structure swallowing tube acts as a sphincter. That is an extension of the consumed food from the stomach to the intestine and prevent the return, if any processing disruption experienced in this section, reflux would have occurred.

Reflux is exactly why the formation of stomach acid exactly come out of this valve. The valve does not meet the task reflux formation occurs. Thus people from time to time as a taste of throat pain. So a non-reflux disorders to be reckoned with, a very serious disease, not counted in the need to control is a condition that causes problems is among the moments alive seedy.


As a result of rotating the valve back from the inconvenience caused by the reflux of food waste is digested it felt the taste of the best-known symptom of throat pain. This bitter taste and feeling of reaching to the stomach from the esophagus may become extremely unbearable. In such cases, the first thing to be done to eliminate this problem is to change the eating habits.

Other than that, heartburn, cramps, severe abdominal pain, with symptoms such as compassion are also in a position to be considered symptoms of reflux. Too much not taken the occasional reflux disease can be confused with heart complaints referred a complaint of pain and tightness. But go to the doctor immediately suspected that people with this will be enough to undergo the test.

Among the reasons a lot of fatty foods that trigger reflux, alcohol, the consumption of foods such as chocolate is in effect extremely enhancer. At the same time constantly ready to be fed with food will likewise trigger. In this case, the reflux symptoms will occur as soon as possible.


The treatment of reflux disease may be achieved by using both methods of herbal medicine. In addition to drug therapy, diet done well, people will be able to provide reflux minimally affected by the shortages. Reflux in much more advanced medical procedures to be performed in case there are a few problems. They certainly should not be ignored because it is not controlled reflux disease with a simple stomach hernia and may be dangerous enough to cause cancer. Dissemination of reflux that increase this risk, how far people through endoscopy of reflux without delay and shall be informed about how treatment should be monitored.

Herbal Treatment

Always treat every disease you must also contact your doctor determines that the director about reflux, as in the next disease that in addition to natural methods you can use to treat faster.

St. John’s Wort Oil: Reflux best from among the most well-known plants is the cornflower oil. If a person with reflux consume a teaspoon of cornflower oil on an empty stomach every morning, it will be extremely relaxing way and people will spend the day trouble.

Bitter Melon: St. John’s Wort oil outside the oil might be a matter particularly affecting reflux is extremely useful when blended with olive oil. You can provide an easy way to transfer power from oil. Just a day 1 teaspoon of honey and mix the power of pomegranate, this mixture add 10 drops to close to oil and propolis, this reflux is one of the recommendations to consume a mix of the most comforting the sick.

Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea, herbal therapy is highly effective against gastrointestinal problems, it can also be used in an effective manner in order to alleviate the symptoms of reflux disease and relieve the stomach.

Elm Creek: Elm tea is a substance known to feature again soothe the stomach. The effect of elm tea is higher than other plants. Because elm tea between the esophagus and the stomach membrane in reflux disease and the symptoms that arise around forming a thin plate is not so extremely noticeable. Elm tea a day 2-3 times can be consumed after meals. Marshmallow root also be used as an effective method as elm herbal tea.

Vegetables: Vegetable proteins to be affected as little as reflux can be consumed. Vegetable consumption under the reflux treatment is most recommended items. Especially cabbage consumption, a much more comfortable way of people living reflux problems can provide to live their lives.

Apple: Apple reflux is one of the best from other fruits. Regular way as apple consumption reduces the risk of reflux, the reflux medications are also known to be quite effective.

Banana: Reflux is good from other fruit is bananas. Consume bananas in one day allows the elimination of what is causing the reflux. Because bananas contain fiber also shown in beneficial nutrients to the stomach and digestive system.

Melon: As mentioned above, it is beneficial to almost all fruits and vegetables contain fiber reflux. Among these comes the melon. Season melon consumption helps to treat the disease, but also reduce the risk.

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