Produce Facebook Video Chat

Produce Facebook Video Chat

Facebook is working on an intelligent home appliance project called ‘Portal’, a video chat tool powered by face recognition.

Within the project conducted by Facebook, if the users are close to smart home devices, the device will offer video calling advice to the users. According to January reports, Portal was scheduled to start this year, but according to Bloomberg’s statement, Facebook will not be able to promote it at the F8 developer conference, which will be held in May, loyal to its plans.

This withdrawal of Facebook brought to mind the ongoing Cambridge Analytica discussions and the information security issues of Facebook users. However, according to the information received from Facebook this time will keep the tip of the string from the beginning. In this context, Facebook will take the importance of alternative privacy for this intelligent home appliance in the direction of information coming from reliable sources. According to the information, Facebook now plans to process and store the video data instead of the server itself. It was reported that this move came after discussions with privacy experts.

Many users on Facebook had face data, but within the latest scandals it is a bit of a mystery that people will not get a video call device into their home. So what do you think? If Facebook produces this kind of video chat tool, can you trust it to take it home?
Or would you be in doubt and never get infected?

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