Pregnancy Period Loss of Iodine Deficiency What?

Pregnancy Period Loss of Iodine Deficiency What?

Iodine in the body, is one of the most important elements used in the production of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency can occur in case the triggering of the disease known as goiter. 40% of the world is faced with iodine deficiency in pregnancy to balance these hormones should be extremely careful and to overcome unharmed.

Iodine deficiency during pregnancy, especially in the part of the brain can affect the baby’s development negatively. In the first half of pregnancy depends on maternal thyroid hormones to the baby’s development. Baby starts producing its own thyroid hormones 16-18. After a week and will continue until such time mothers thyroid hormones to help the baby. When we look at the damage to the iodine deficiency issue it is an issue that can be overlooked as we can see how dangerous it is. So that can affect the baby’s development significantly increases the risk of iodine deficiency can develop due to insufficient thyroid hormone. As a result of the factors affecting the development of children with mental retardation, learning difficulties, such as problems occur.

These findings are outlined in the risk can be reduced if there unless they have pointed to the extreme lack of iodine deficiency. Research in behavioral disorders, has been dependent in severe iodine deficiency and other factors. In this case, the more the mother stated that adequate iodine intake is connected to the smooth functioning of hormones does not mean the child is born healthy and without problems as 100%.

Elimination of Iodine Deficiency

who work on behalf of the elimination of iodine deficiency last 50 years, the World Health Organization to increase sales of iodized salt and demanded even made compulsory. Perishable affected by the non-transparent Light iodized salt in the salt shaker and must be stored in a dark section.

Differences between iodised and non-iodised salt

Iodized salt, iodine using the most preferred due to changing the taste and smell of one of the color method.

Iodine Found in Foods; cheese milk and milk products, saltwater fish, eggs, shellfish.

Sea products

Ocean and saltwater fish are very rich in terms of nutritional iodine. Tuna and haddock while taking shrimp and other shellfish from the beginning, these foods are rich in iodine live.


Spinach, soybeans, dry beans and garlic are vegetables with a high percentage of iodine. At the same time, the food source of vitamins, the mother and the baby will be very beneficial antioxidant effects. But iodine in vegetables thrown into the boiled water falls by more than half.

Iodized Salt

It is rich enough to meet the required amount of iodine salt we use in ordinary and simple. salt stored so as to receive light will be healthy in terms of minerals.

After the start of the pregnancy body metabolism and hormonal changes occurring disorders should be viewed in the doctor again for control of iodine deficiency can bring about.

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