Periscope App New Competitor Becomes YouTube Connect

Periscope App New Competitor Becomes YouTube Connect

Periscope, one of the most popular Live Broadcasting apps in the near term, is likely to enter a fierce competition with Youtube Connect, the new implementation of the Youtube front page.

Periscope Application, which stands as an investment of Twitter company in one hand, and Youtube Connect Application, which is the opposite of Google and Youtube investment.

In short, the Live Broadcasting Sector is a big competition and we can say that it will come with competition and developments soon.

Periscope Application

YouTube Connect Application to Get Ready

Although it has not been officially announced yet, YouTube Connect has reached the final stages of a possible application that may face confusion with its name.

With the Mobile Apps for Android Operating System and IOS Operating System, Live Broadcasting can be done instantly just like Periscope Application.

The biggest advantage of the YouTube Connect Application, which is expected to resemble the structure as a rival, is that live-broadcast videos will always be viewable via Youtube and profitable if possible.

Facebook Live App

Facebook Live App will also be affected

The limited number of users or pages provided in the Facebook Live App are also among the applications that will be affected by the possible implementation of Connect.

Many users who do not want their videos to stay on Facebook or Twitter just because they are behind Google and Youtube, may even think about it later and move on to the YouTube Connect App.

Youtube Connect Application On The Road

Net Date Not Determined

The Youtube team, which will provide users with many support such as chatting with viewers, posting video broadcasts later, shooting with front and rear cameras, and so on, can be expected to take another step and increase the software features.

Like we said, the YouTube Connect App is not yet official. It’s just rumors.

Although Facebook Live is still a crawling system, a significant part of the market is using Periscope application, which works with Twitter support, for a long time.

For this reason, it seems to be clear in the coming weeks how this step, which is expected to be thrown from Youtube cephes, will have consequences, from which brand the customer will play, and with what details the users will think.

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