New Trend Monochrome Makeup

New Trend Monochrome Makeup

Attention; If you have not tried the monochrome make-up yet, we definitely want you to know that you lost a lot. The monochrome makeup, which is preferred by women who want to have a stylish and sophisticated look, reveals the magnificence of make-up integrity, which consists of a ton of belonging. Although it is said that skin color makeup should be avoided in terms of color harmony in the fashion, this is the opposite situation. When you use compatible colors in your skin, you will have a much more elegant and effective look and a perfect harmony in your skin as a whole. Monochrome make-up, which has recently attracted a great deal of interest from artists, makes it possible to create different looks for different types of facial features.

New Trend Monochrome Makeup

You should not forget that the main purpose of monochrome makeup is to make you look pretty and brighten. By using the cosmetic products in your hands in different areas of your aim, you can reduce the time you spend on makeup.

Monochrome Makeup and Slimness

Whether you want to have sharp or soft lines, you can easily accomplish everything with monochrome makeup. The ten coloring is in your hands to provide a close tone or a colorful look. Coral, pink and bronze tones can be easily applied to your skin in monochrome makeup.

You should be careful when you combine a coral colored allium with a lipstick of the same color. You can also have a harmonized makeup by rubbing your eyelids at the same time with a light touch. By doing so, you will have gained both time and you will have made a make-up in a much wider range with fewer products, if you do not have many items in your hand. You can leave the rest of your make-up as simple as you can.

You should stay away from the Black Eye Pencil

Monochrome also includes harmony eye pencil, which is the basic principle of makeup. So this means that the color you choose for make-up should be in the same tone as the eye pencil you are going to use. If you prefer a makeup in pink tones, you will end up making a monochrome make-up with a burgundy eye pencil belonging to the same color family. No part of your face in monochrome make-up should go out of the general harmony and attract attention.

Ideal Colors for Monochrome Makeup

New Trend Monochrome Makeup

Pale pink: This beautiful tone of pungen also brightens your face and gives you a fresh look.

Bronze: Especially in the summer months, a more suitable makeup color than the bronze shades is unthinkable. You can complete monochrome makeup by choosing bronze tones in the eyes and on the cheeks, and colors close to the lips on the lips.

Nude: You can use beige, camel hair, brown in nude family, that is, every color you desire as you wish.

Coral: You can complement your monochrome makeup by using coral tones if wheat is tanned and peach tones if your skin is lighter.

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