Nail Extension Loss

Nail Extension Loss

Nail between extend women are generally meant to be seen as well-maintained. Because in the long nail polish always it stands more fashionable. In addition, when asked to be given different shapes on nail polish, but it needs long nails. Especially when there is a special day and they make clothes fit women nail polish almost one month in advance and begin to extend their fingernails.

Extend how long fingernails?

lengthening the duration of the nails varies from person to person and his work. Some women’s nails are very short, unless extended, while others tended fingernails too late. If we examine the business also factors in the hands of people who constantly quotes the water it is extended very quickly.

Nail Extension Losses What?

Is it or is it not harmful to extend the nail comes to the question of the agenda. Some people will not damage the nail extension is extended as long as long as it is well maintained and clean advocating is a team loss. Due to the nail structure has a structure locations where all microorganisms. Therefore constitute great dangers to the health of the human body. Therefore nails should be cut regularly, and interior should be cleaned and washed with soap every day. In particular, the use of shoes toenails due to open in summer fingernails will contaminate much more. Therefore, more attention should be given to the terms of the maintenance of fingernails toenails. Externally come when both handheld and nails should be washed thoroughly with soap and water, even if the toenails short and should be hygienic.

Nail Extension Methods

Our quotation covering a small area at the tip of our fingers have you ever thought why? Animals dig the earth, to defend himself, using his nails to attack and to incapacitate its prey; As a result of human evolution nail passed such a defense does not need to attack and was flattened. hair with nail is a common building. So our hair with our nails, common parts are actually made up of parts of dead cells. nails and hair is called keratin, the main ingredient. Our nails, protect against external dangers our fingers and our understanding of goods, they enable us to turn hard surfaces.
Stem cells in the nail keratin and produce new cells are pushed outwardly as a result of nail growth. This is the reason why we will not hear our pain when cutting nails. So the expanded portion of the nail is dead.

Although if a natural extension of our quotation process, there are still challenges to extend nails. Slow extended nails, broken nails quickly, leaving nails times are issues lady wanting to force long nails. Nail extension and long nails is not easy to maintain operations without breaking. Nail growth speed is different at all. A nail monthly average of about 1 millimeter longer. In diet and regular nail care, nail extensions are important factors in consideration.

● adequate amounts of calcium every day in the way of nail extension, iron, protein, and there are also get vitamin D-containing foods. Even in fast nail extensions are balanced and adequate intake of vitamins and essential minerals.
● Not harsh soaps when washing your hands, use a soft or liquid soap.
● Hands not hard, dry with a soft movement.
● Try to use your hard a hard surface or opening a door nail.
● If your habit of biting their nails, give up this habit. Because nail biting habit is an obstacle in nail extensions.
● Beauty vitamin, also known as “Biotin” supplement, helps to increase healthy and break your nails.
● Moisten your hands frequently quotes and winter.
● Do not use acetone nail polish remover products too often will cause your nails to become brittle.

Natural Nail Extension

My nails break if you say you grow and integrity intact;

● Too often than they nail tattoo, nail polish from new rides every day and thus avoid acetone nail your touch in every day.
● be serious disturbances occur in your nails and color changes. Get help from an expert in such a situation.
● Fingernail too long detergents, solvents, paint and keep it away from similar chemicals.
● Wash your hands often unnecessarily.
● To make the manicure process everywhere. Disinfection and prefer to take care of manicure made competent persons about.
● Dish, paint, plastic gloves when using chemicals that are used all kinds of business.
● Do not pinch your nails, push, exert pressure on it.
● Quotes to extend too much does not provide a good look at both aesthetically, and also increases the possibility of breakage of the nail stuck in one place.
● Very often change nail polish, it will often require the use of acetone. Do not change your nail polish to it very often.
● your nail remover, opener and more a tool to treat.
● Do not apply any nail polish your nails and occasionally ventilate your nails.
● If you use artificial nails, remove it occasionally and keep your nails breathe.
● Do not file your nails and metal rasp very often do not prefer.
● You should use vitamin E-containing moisturizers.
● 1 Make a manicure once a week at a center you trust; or make yourself at home.

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