Nail Biting Diseases

Nail Biting Diseases

Nail Eating – Losses

Nail biting can really give you a disease. Nail biting: Does it cause long-term damage? Stop Nail Biting: Treatments and Causes of Biting Fingernails.

Nail eating losses, nail biting habit is a common problem, especially during childhood and adolescence. Adults can be seen in the nail-biting habit, it begins as a habit and an invitation to serious disturbances in future. Nail biting result in irreversible or very difficult to treat diseases that are unlikely to occur is very high. Psychological factors are often under the nails or eating habits.

This is known as Onikofaj in medicine. Nail biting habit is seen in 1 out of every 3 children. Nail biting habit may occur causing some difficulties. These difficulties reaching serious dental diseases, parasites and microbial diseases, can be listed as ranging from pain to heart. Nail problems can occur due to eating habits is not limited to these. Because hands all day exposed to many germs and bacteria. In people with eating habits nail orally by eating bacteria and germs gets nail body.

Nail Biting Loss

● It loses its teeth cutting property with longstanding habit of nail biting.
● Tooth roots can be swayed by seeing damage.
● bacteria and microbes that occur in the nail may lead to problems in dental abscesses.
● sores in the mouth and serious infectious diseases may occur.
● germs and bacteria penetrating inside the mouth can cause more serious disease to other organs in the body by moving up.
● When germs get into the mouth can lead to heart and vascular diseases extending to the heart valves.

Nail Biting Causes

● Nail biting habit of sadness, fear or anger with reason may arise as to reflect outside the child’s feelings.
● Experienced anxiety and stress
● Insecurity
● Experienced extreme pressures and authority in the family
● feeling worthless himself between family members of the child
● jealousy experienced by children
● The unrest took place in the family
● Having hit the nail outward sense of aggression
● mother and father about the lack of enough
● Divorce, loss of status as one family in particular can lead to nail biting habit in children.

Eating And Nail Treatment to Prevent

Nail biting habit should be taken without the necessary precautions and permanent solution should be sought way to eliminate this behavior. The best approach is to remove the nail biting habit is not the factor that pushes the nail biting. Factors bulunarak measures should be taken in that direction. psychological factors underlying the nail biting habit should get help from an expert to find.

to scold the boy ate nails, punish or foreign substances to take the nail is not the right approach. Such requests nail biting behavior can occur in children more. If you have children to take care of children he is doing to attract the attention of nail-biting that can be discouraged when eating nails. If you are interested in nail care with their children again eliminated in the habit of nail biting.

Certain diseases of the nail caused by eating habits may be controlled despite treatment with antibiotics. Therefore, it is important to not be late for the treatment of nail biting. Some drugs used to give up the habit of nail biting. Lotions and creams can be obtained from pharmacies can work. Nail polish painful habit of frequently used in eating habits can be effective to leave.

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